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Protecting the Procurement Process

ronwagn Wrote: Mar 27, 2013 10:24 AM
Tom, Great job on Fox News today!. I have two suggestions for future subjects you may want to work on: 1. Selling off government lands that would draw good prices. The federal government owns far too much land that is not serving its highest and best use. Of course the buildings you mentioned are equally important. 2. I blog on using our great supply of natural gas. Using natural gas in our government vehicles, rather than just gasoline or diesel, could save us hundreds of billions of dollars. Include the USPS in that, and state and local governments. Natural gas can be used in bifuel engines that can also use gasoline or diesel. Refs.

Hugh Hewitt’s March 20 op-ed, “What Do Voters Think?” concludes that voters will rise in indignation over the Air Force’s decision to award a $35 billion contract to Northrop Grumman rather than Boeing for the KC-45A tanker. He seems to forget that the reason the Air Force even held a competitive bidding process for the tankers was outrage from across the country over the original earmark for a new tanker lease that was tucked into the 2003 Defense Appropriations Act conference report by Senator Ted Stevens (R-Alaska), without any hearings or opportunity for debate, in order to help subsidize Boeing’s...