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Obama's Katrina: Hurricane Sandy Victims Beg For Help

Ronna Wrote: Nov 05, 2012 11:42 PM
The fat, arrogant pig, Chirs Christie lapped up Obama's essence, hugging him & praising him for just 'showing up' after the Hurricane, but neither man has actually done jack chhit for the victims. Christie showed his azzzss kissing side AND his act of wanting to help is clearly bullchitt. He is a fake and a phony, and I hope he is voted out in the next election, and goes to the far corners of the earth with Barack Obama. What a joke!

Over the weekend, I wrote about politicians high fiving each other over the "excellent" FEMA response to Hurricane Sandy, but when you hear from hurricane victims, FEMA is doing anything but working efficiently to help people.

Joseph Curl over at the Washington Times asks, "Imagine if Bush had..."

Imagine if the bashed and thrashed 43rd president had popped over to FEMA for a 30-minute photo op, then jetted off for yet another campaign rally with Hollywood celebs?

“This continues...