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So keyboard. Should read: "in the voting lines," and "outnumbered."
It's the change in the demographics. Inth evoting lines, blacks and Mexicans out numbered white two to one. It is by desing by this corrupt government. What will be in store for us when we, the white caucasian American, whose men and women died to forge out, and protect this country become the minority because the progressive piles of corruption got their nose under the tent, then infiltrated every corner of our society & began replacing us with hoardes of illegals, and promoting black unwed 'entitlement mentality' women to have 'entitlement dependant' children??? I don't think any of us want to know the answer to that question....because it is not pretty. We either fight this monster, or lie down and die at it's feet.
Well said !!
The demographics in America are changing in part because of the entitlement programs that make illegals want to break our laws ad risk their lives to get in here & get all that free stuff, take our jobs, etc., and the agenda of keeping a very largepercent of the blacks beholding to da 'Bama gubment.
Oh face it people - dem dumbacc blacks would vote for that wart on the acc of society if he promised to take their women for his own, force them to abort their first born child, and promised to beat them every day and twice on Sunday. It is what it is, don't you know.
I hope YOU suffer omst!
AskGermaine ILLEGAL FRAUD historic.
lois00001 I can say....gotohellandfkurself??
So we sit idly by on our hands with our mouths shut and allow THIS travesty too!? If we aren't willing to do SOMETHING we're done....get it? Apathy will ruin the country.
coverywise No need to get snippy, I'm on your side. I KNOW HOLDER CAN, but I also know he won't. I want to know WHO ELSE might be able to do it that we can actually trust. If something isn't done soon we're skrued!
WHAT can be done about this voter fraud, and WHO can do it?? we need to know, and we need to tell whoever it is that we the American public De-F-ingmand they stop it and do a recount of not only the votes for Senate races, but especially for the PRESIDENCY. I have always believed that the evil, anti-american, maniacal democgutterRATS would find a way to STEAL the elections. IT DISENFRANCHISES THE PEOPLE! Like common criminals (only they're much worse than common criminals) they are stealing the elections from us. It must stop even if it means WAR!!! Peaceful, bi-partisan, legal, lawful, ILLEGAL, UNLAWFUL, whatever; we are being herded like subjects while they skru us in the accss, & we must stop them immediatley!
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