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Obama Is Out Of Touch With the American Entrepreneurial Spirit

ronjon11 Wrote: Jul 25, 2012 5:07 PM
osama obama is doing exactly what he said he would do!!! He is fundamentally changing America!!! If anybody would look at his record before he bought his political life with money from soros and other evil sorries, he has worked his whole life trying to destroy this country!!!!

WASHINGTON - President Obama says that if you start a successful business that creates lots of jobs, you didn't make it happen -- "somebody else made that happen."

Obama's thoughtless, insensitive, ideologically-driven remark must have come as a shock to many hard-working, enterprising, risk- taking Americans who have started new businesses, often under intensely competitive, even brutal circumstances, and survived.

These are very ambitious people who have dreamed of building a business of their own and becoming employers whose success creates payrolls, strengthens communities and fuels prosperous economies.

Many do not make it. Millions fail in their first try, but try...