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Just Keep Swimming: DOJ Conveniently Pushes Pool Regulations Past Election

RonInTenn Wrote: May 26, 2012 1:19 PM
First of all, it's not the federal government's responsibility to mandate accessibility to pools for the disabled. That is something which I feel is relegated to each state to decide. Second, there is no reason why portable devices should not be allowed. Requiring built-in devices is too costly for smaller pools and hotels and will result in many pools shutting down completely so that NOBODY gets a chance to swim. But this is typical federal government rule-making. Who cares how much it costs? Who cares how inconvenienced everyone will be? Who cares if it defies logic and common sense?? The government has spoken so jump to it!

Yet again, the Obama administration shows that its principles have limits, at least where electoral success is concerned. The Justice Department has pushed back a contentious regulation requiring public and commercial swimming pools to be equipped with elevators for the disabled. Rather than forcing hotel and municipal pools to comply with the regulation, passed as part of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the DOJ has opted to wait until after the election to enforce the rule. Of course, this means they're also avoiding a pre-November conflict with the powerful hotel lobby (pun unintended, whomp).

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