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While I appreciate that Camille Paglia expressed disdain about how liberals attempt to violate the free speech rights of those who have biblical objections to homosexuality, even she expressed an idea that needs to be challenged. She said that "people have the right to be homophobic as they have the right to support homosexuality" So, apparently Paglia has bought into the idea that, if you don't support the gay lifestyle, then that automatically means that you are homophobic. What does that word mean exactly? I looked up the definition and found: 1. "irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against homosexuality or homosexuals" (merriam-webster.com) 2. "Fear of or contempt for lesbians or gay men" (thefreedictionary) 3, "prejudiced against homosexual people" (worldnetweb.princton.edu) Those who hold to the belief that the Bible condemns any sex outside of marriage (whether hetero- or homo- sexual) don't typically have a fear of, contempt for, or prejudices against homosexuals anymore than they would against those guilty of any other sin. It's just that they believe that lifestyle violates God's law of sexuality which is: only one man and one woman within the bonds of matrimony. To label everyone who objects to homosexuality for any reason as a homophobe is a bit disingenuous but use of that term by gay supporters seems to have become mandatory. It is such a highly overused word that it really should be on the yearly overused-words-to-drop lists. So, no, not everyone who objects to homosexuality is a homophobe.
My thoughts exactly!
"A source close to the show tells FOX411 that even if Robertson apologized, at this point, A&E is done with him." What is it exactly that A&E feels that Phil Robertson should apologize for and why? Personally, I don't think HE is the one who needs to be apologizing. GLAAD owes him an apology for making a mountain out of a mole hill. Robertson expressed his opinion on sin and used the Bible as his reference and GLAAD totally - but typically - overreacted with a response that was truly vile. But, GLAAD doesn't care about that; they are only interested in bullying or intimidating anyone who doesn't agree with them into silence. They want the public to understand and support gay rights but they apparently don't care to understand those who have religious objections. For the same reason, A&E owes him an apology for not sitting down with him and discussing the matter before they pompously handed down their royal decree to get rid of him. They have made millions of dollars of profit off of his show which reflects the Robertsons' conservative Christian values and then to turn around and bar him from his own show because he expresses his conservative Christian beliefs is shameless and hypocritical. The Robertsons were wealthy before Duck Dynasty came along and they'll do well if the show ends. It's A&E who will suffer the most and, at this point, I believe that they deserve it.
Goodness, etabeD, it looks like you've written half the comments in this thread!! Come on, give it a break - it's Friday night. Do something positive instead of citing a lot of unsubstantiated propaganda. Go out and enjoy the evening. That's what I'm getting ready to do.
"The Republican Party linked Saddam Hussein with 911." No, that is not true. Osama bin Laden was linked as the mastermind behind 9/11 and, because the Taliban, who controlled Afghanistan, gave him safe harbor, they were invaded. Government officials DID suspect a relationship between Hussein and Al Qaeda but never stated that Saddam Hussein ever supported or even knew about the 9/11 attack. If you can provide credible documentation that Bush and Cheney stated outright or or insinuated that Hussein was linked to the 9/11 attack, please provide it.
Sorry, mistyped the Texas unemployment rate. It is 6.9, not 6.0. I got my information above from http://washingtonexaminer.com/blue-states-taxing-their-way-to-deficits/article/2505235#.ULOESWfp-WY
Look at how some of the "blue" states are doing. California, Illinois, and Maryland are just three which have deficits due in large part to runaway healthcare expenses but, even though they have raised taxes even higher, they will still run deficits. "Red" states like Texas, North Dakota, and Virginia (more of a purple state I think) cut spending and now not only have balanced budgets but also lower unemployment rates (Texas = 6.0; ND = 2.9). Part of ND's success was allowing the private sector to develop the Bakken oil field, something you won't see O'bama do. Unfortunately, it probably doesn't matter which state you live in; the U.S. is headed the way of California with O'bama in the White House for another four years.
I was born and raised in the South, too, but I've never heard anything about "incompetent" being a racial insult or code word. The fact is, if someone is looking for a racial slur or insult, they're going to hear it in any conversation no matter what the word is. If Clyburn isn't interested in why the administration concocted a false story about what happened in Libya then at least get out of the way and stop making ridiculous accusations about those who are seeking the truth.
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Boston Mayor to Outlaw Chick-Fil-A

RonInTenn Wrote: Jul 22, 2012 4:06 PM
By attempting to prevent Chik-Fil-A from opening any stores in Boston, I guess Mayor Menino isn't interested in bringing new jobs into Boston or increasing the city's tax revenue from sales. The fact is, he has no legal basis for preventing Chik-Fil-A from opening and is wrong if he claims they are discriminatory. From what I can tell, they don't discriminate in hiring or promotion and don't discriminate in who they serve. So how can he claim that Chik-Fil-A "discrimintates against a population?" He can't because they don't.
Doesn't really matter how many; they would never get past deciding what type of lightbulb to use.....
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