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Romney Revival May Be Lifting All GOP Boats

Rondoman Wrote: Oct 11, 2012 9:26 AM
I have no doubt that Romney has absorbed a lot of the tea party conservatism and is running on the fuel they provided. What we see now is NOT what beltway Republicans were wanting. Best to keep Romney's feet to the fire. I DO NOT think the message would be as clearly conservative without his being cheered on by the tea party. This is the first time that liberals have been forced to hear the conservative agenda, and it has to be very unsettling to them because this is not what their caricature of conservatism is. Yes, this message resonates and will have a big coattail effect to others. Dump Obamacare, and DO NOT replace it. Let us make our own decisions.

It may be temporary and fleeting, but for the moment, the amazing performance of Gov. Mitt Romney and the complete flop of President Barack Obama in the first presidential debate has either propelled Romney to frontrunner status or at least made him competitive in critical swing states -- and it also appears to be improving the chances of other Republican candidates around the nation.

For example, in Florida, where Republican Connie Mack the younger is seeking a seat in the Senate over which his father once reigned, the race against incumbent Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson has gone from a...