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Mitt Romney, Big-Government Man

Rondoman Wrote: Oct 10, 2012 9:07 AM
I always have to keep a heads up attitude when listening to Stossel because of his libertarian views, but the main objective here is to get rid of the communist robot who has no compassion nor understanding that he is leading the world over a cliff. I disagree with Romney that we need to "replace" Obamacare with something else. Hell, no! Dump it and let the free market recover. My wife is an insurance secretary. Medical care demise started by turning the system into a lawyer-dominated sue-for-any-reason ripoff, and Ted Kennedy's HMO debacle, agreed to by Nixon. That was the first main government intrusion into medical care. HMOs are nightmares of stupidity with arbitrary decisions being made by uninformed and unconcerned. Dump them

President Obama tanked in the last debate. Good.

Now maybe people will listen when Mitt Romney says things like, "The genius of America is the free enterprise system, and freedom, and the fact that people can go out there and start a business. ... The private market and individual responsibility always work best."

They do.

But then Romney responded to Obama by essentially saying: I want big government, too!

We who hope for smaller government as a way to expand liberty and create prosperity are disturbed by what we heard last week. The GOP candidate painted himself as a big...