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Laughing Out Loud at Obama

Rondoman Wrote: Dec 02, 2012 1:35 PM
There is a hidden booby trap in becoming a member of the senate or house, the required oath of office. At least in times past ( I have no idea what the procedure is now ), one was required to place his hand on the Bible, the very book that says not to take oaths because to do so is evil. That means that the one doing so is blinded and becomes part of this world's system. His values become clouded and he loses his way and declared purpose for being there in the first place. The battle we are engaged in is far more sinister than mere corrupt men and women. We are fighting a battle against unseen forces that we cannot control unless we abide by the rules. TAKE NO OATHS, and if we do so, admit our errors at risk of humiliation.
daddy422 Wrote: Dec 02, 2012 5:55 PM
Good post,i agree with the book you took that principle from.It doesn't take a genius to see what's going on.Did you know that the Congress can do insider trading,,,,legally? No wonder they seek to hold power, ad nauseum, for personal greed. The House should have 4 year election cycles,with a 12
year limit,in the same year as presidential elections,terms unchanged.The Senate,same as the House.
Maybe then they can relearn how to govern.We need to quit having non stop campaigning,which is a
waste of time & money!They have to change the rules or we're doomed.
I read that Senator Mitch McConnell burst into laughter upon hearing Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner lay out President Obama's "Fiscal Cliff" plan. Here's the rub:

> $1.6 trillion in revenue
> $50.0 billion stimulus
> $400.0 billion in Medicare cuts

Unlike Susan Rice, who was sent in to fall on the administration's sword during the Benghazi cover up, Geithner isn't looking for his next government job. It makes him the perfect foil. He can actually go in with a straight face with a proposal so absurd that an old reserved guy like McConnell doubles over in hysterical disbelief. Some say this is how you begin...
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