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Federal Judge to Supreme Court: 'STFU'

Rondoman Wrote: Jul 07, 2014 2:24 PM
Broe did not say that an idiot can get a law degree. He said that any idiot WITH a law degree can become a district judge. The idiocy generally comes through the brainwashing and re-indoctrination at the law school.
I have never believed that Obama ever had any intention of stepping down. I have always believed that he intends to create a "crisis" that will allow him to declare Marshall Law while he dissolves all congressional authority through executive edict and becomes the permanent dictator. The one person who could stop him but never would is Harry Reid.
There is a point where statements that are made are so inanely bizarre and without any common sense that to respond to them would be a total waste of time. I submit that those like you who support this lunacy pay for the freebies, and the $30.00 per hour minimum wages, or even $50.00, the free education, and unregulated food stamps. You obviously are living in a non-existent Utopia.
And the regime is openly using non-existent tax dollars to advertise in Central and South America how to beat the system so the illegals can get welfare. His intent is to destroy America while making himself filthy rich. It is sick, stupid, immoral, and totally ignorant because when America falls, the world falls.
Right again. The Obama regime is advertising for illegals to come. I am sure that most of those who are following the welcome are coming with the belief that they are wanted here. This is really a sick situation.
the "boarder" security problem. Actually, you got that one right. Our "boarder" problem is due to our border security problem.
Solution: Start walking at about 3:00AM, or get a bicycle and a rain slicker.
I am a working 69 year-old and am having to pay to keep my wheel chair-bound sister-in-law and her seizure-prone helper cousin financially solvent as well as buy them food. The churches will not help them because he has seizures when around perfume and she is constantly dealing with bowel and urinary problems. They would be non-contributing members and could never attend, hence are of no use to the churches. I know because we have tried to get them help. She went to the local town subsidy agency and was told that both of their allotments were being reduced to about $150.00 per month. They were also told that their problem was that they were not black or Hispanic Their next door neighbor is Green Card-Hispanic, has three American born kids, and gets over $800.00 per month in food stamps.
Unionism is a cancerous parasite that serves only to destroy accountability by guaranteeing that the "worker" will be eternally compensated whether he is working or not. I will never forget the logo on the back of an International Paper worker that was a cobra under which were the words, "When provoked, I strike."
"This is exactly why the mainstream media do not like to interview subjects on the religious right or give them a platform. It seems that every time they do, the subject says the problem is that we've rejected God, that Satan is behind whatever problem they're discussing, or some such foolishness. " Christian conservatives do not realize that the left refuses to understand what life is about. Discussing spiritual matters with them is an insult to God because they relish expressing their hatred and portraying Christians as nuts. I am merely stating why the left are as they are. The murder of almost 60 million unborn babies is of no concern to them. Their fiscal ideas are insane, and they do not even practice what they force upon others. They claim to be scientific in their ideas yet reject scientific evidence. Forty years ago, one could, in some measure, reason with them; but that is no longer true. They are irrational, mindless, and hateful of morality. No nation has ever survived without voluntary adherence to personally accepted high moral conduct.
For those who think that this is a carefully planned agenda by the left, let me say that it is the natural result of what happens when they reject God. They all migrate and fall in step to the same agenda because they become Satanically programmed robots with no compass, humanoids with no consciences whose ignorance is completely masked to themselves by their willful blindness. Lenin did not start it; he merely picked up the banner and carried it on. A fool hath no delight in understanding, but that his heart may discover itself. Proverbs 18:2 And again: He that trusteth in his own heart is a fool: but whoso walketh wisely, he shall be delivered. Proverbs 28:26
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