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At least there is a partial admission of cowardice. Harry Reid could stop all of this illegal mess, but the senator from the state of professional ill repute will do nothing.
Ahem. What the bill says does not matter. The courts will claim that it means whatever Obama wants it to mean. They might even expand it and tighten the grip on us. We learned that from Benedict John Roberts. Whatever is relevant to the communist agenda will be accepted and the rest ignored. We are no longer a nation of laws but of programmed self-destruction. I have lost 100% of all faith in the US Judiciary to do the right thing.
Ask the school children who are routinely terrified by unexpected missile launches and cower at every loud sound if they think threat is real. They are not in the least aware of the "payload capacity." If someone kept throwing firecrackers at my kids, I would use every tool at my disposal to stop him, and I would not be concerned as to whether he had a certain "payload capacity."
The Palestinians have broken every single treaty, hundreds of them, that has been accepted by Israel. Israel always warns of retaliatory attacks, and every one of Israel's attacks are in response to being attacked. War is not an act of choosing who to miss and who to hit as we have come to believe. War is bloody and can only be won by blind destruction. It is brutal, but Israel has had every right as a nation to annihilate the Palestinians. The Islamists are godless beasts, and the ones in Palestine who refuse to oppose them are cowards. You, sir, are an idiot.
Also the definition of a Democrat. Hmmm?
If you ever really looked into the eyes of a liberal as you tried to explain why liberalism is killing America, and the world, for that matter, you would see why he is a liberal. He has no ability to think. His brain has been fried, and his diatribe has been programmed. As I have said many times, he is a robot. That is why they all march to the same self-destructive beat. I could apply science to every facet of their agenda and prove them wrong, but it does not matter. As the Bible says, to a fool, that which is good is evil; and that which is evil is good. If the country were suddenly to implode like a fast forming sinkhole, the solution would still be more Democrats to at least 37% of the country, with 85% of blacks still committed to the Marxist agenda.
I believe that would be an insult to girls. This humanoid is totally devoid of any courage .
This is simply part of the communist plan to destroy everything good and replace with complacent puppets who have no backbone.
The reason is very simple. This was planned and intentional. It is going exactly as planned. Obama has always wanted to punish the US for false crimes against humanity. The excuses are simply diversions to satisfy the ignorant and create chaos. No dictator has ever improved any society because the people he claims to want to help are simply sacrificial pawns to reach the objective, which is total control. It is insane. inhuman, and sadistic. Not one liberal/communist plan is ever really intended to help anyone but the ones in control, and every communist country eventually falls under its on weight.
In order to defeat the Commucrats, you would also need to garner enough votes to cover the 10 million or so illegals and graveyard dead who will somehow get to vote. You are dealing with totally anarchistic criminally insane robotic humanoids who will do absolutely anything to win, even cold blooded murder.
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