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Paul Krugman Is Wrong Today

Rondoman Wrote: Sep 16, 2014 8:07 PM
You beat me to it. Brilliant minds in sync? He, he. Seriously, if he were ever right, it would be a "mistake."
I did not know that they ever told the truth.
By the time that does happens, the troops will be infected with Ebola and spread it throughout the world.
I guess he decided this was the easiest and quickest way to kill Americans.
"In a Christian college, one can assume all will be skewed to make more devoted Christians, just as in a Madras." There is no need to skew anything. Facts are facts. The problem is that many formulate opinions and then search to find support for those opinions, That is not science; that is philosophy. On every tenet of evolution, "big bang" and global warming, ad infinitum, I could argue simple scientific fact against them all. The problem is that liberals are not in the least interested in scientific fact. Incidentally, science means "fact," so I am really using improper diction here, however currently acceptable it may be.
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Poll: Huckabee Clear Favorite in Iowa

Rondoman Wrote: Sep 15, 2014 7:06 AM
I am Arkansasan. Huckabee is not a true conservative. He still can't decide whether or not he believes the Bible. He was my mother's "preacher" and decided that was not his "calling" and ran for lieutenant governor. He appeals to those who do not want to make waves, is a "nice" guy, but does not display leadership. He gets his feeling hurt easily and quietly holds a grudge, having a "get even" mentality.
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Max De Pree has the answer to Ferguson

Rondoman Wrote: Sep 15, 2014 12:59 AM
MLK created this mess when he did not live the life he "preached," but instead enjoyed abusing white prostitutes, a fact admitted by Ralph Abernathy. That is the culture and character that most young black men have adopted, and that is the reason for the rioting. There is no personal accountability. If every black man were to emulate the life of a true black man of God, Booker T. Washington, blacks in America would be the most financially secure, most conservative, God-loving, kind, honest, lawful men in America and model citizens for all to follow.
Not to throw cold water on the swing, but there are some facts that need to be enumerated. Obama intends to grant blanket executive amnesty regardless of the November results. Here are some facts about Obama that clarify why we are being assaulted of several specific fronts. 1) Obama was a heavy marijuana and cocaine user in high-school and was reported to be a prolific pathological liar even then, lying about insignificant things. See Manning Report. 2) Obama had one step-father, Frank Marshall, who was a communist and pedophile. Obama often dressed in drag at parties. See report from black evangelist Manning of Harlem. 3) Two of Obama's Down Low Club "friends" were assassinated just as Obama began his run for the Senate. 4) The "church" where Obama was a member in Chicago is a front for the Chicago Down Low Club. 5) Obama has admitted to being lazy. 6) Obama's grandmother said she was at the birth of Obama in Kenya. He is an illegal alien. 7) Obama has the same black hatred for America that other non-Christian blacks have. The groups that are now assaulting America can be directly traced to Obama's position on all fronts. Islam acceptance, drug legalization, Communism, illegal aliens, sexual immorality, government parasitism and laziness, fomenting and unjustified black hatred of America. All of these are character traits of the Pretender-in-chief. This why these groups feel so emboldened. They see themselves in him and see him as a co-conspirator and friend.
If our education process were not so bankrupt of purpose, the need for college would be zilch. Eighth grade students 100 years ago were far more proficient in linguistics and basic math than high-school graduates today. The McGuffey Reader could not even be comprehended today because it is so grammatically advanced. Even physicians' main learning experience is done through apprenticeship, not classroom study. One problem today is that kids do not want to go to work immediately and are not willing to start in businesses as janitors and earn the respect of the owners or management. That does not prepare them to set examples and to be able to empathize with those who are coming behind them. It really is a self-contained and self-centered existence. They want to avoid hard work and slide into a profession. In most of the places I have worked, I have also served as a janitor simply because the work needed to be done, and I wanted to set an example. Sadly, the point was rarely taken. It was just assumed that I liked to do it.
This is the most sissy plan I have heard Paul come up with. America does not need anyone's help to do the job, only a real leader who loves America.
This is using the teachings of the Quran to gain momentum. As more vicious killings continue, the Islamists will think that they are now strong enough to conquer the "infidels." That will attract more who were less violent to think it is time to fight for their hideous god. The Democrat robots only fuel the fire by refusing to meet the enemy head on. The same hatred drives American blacks, liberals, and illegal aliens to hate America. It is hatred of God, Christianity, and law.
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