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If dying in the name of Islam is an honor, would not our "honoring" more of them show our respect for Islam? I speak with chongue in teek.
The stated and always denied fact that drives Islamic insanity is that the Quran says that if you think someone is your enemy, you may kill him. That is a blanket license to kill anyone who does not believe or is thought not to believe exactly as another Islamist believes. It is the docrtine of a diabolic insane pedophilic, woman-hating murdering psychopath humanoid.
"What few realize is that America has defended and saved more Muslims than what the Muslims have done for their own." Spot on. And the simple fact is that Islam is radical. Annihilation of the infidel is the center of the religion. Their disgusting religion also says that if you (Islamist) think that someone is your enemy, you may kill him. That is why they cannot even get along with other Muslims. When one identifies with a diabolic religion, he does not need to know much if anything about what that religion says; he will automatically assimilate the stated practices as time goes on because he is aligning himself against God.
Sixty-two years ago, my parents would have thought the actions taken by police in this incident to have been foolish. There were no known child predators that anyone around was aware of. We were, however, told never to accept rides with strangers. I walked about a mile from the school to my home every day. The only time I was ever offered a ride was from a very elderly woman. I assumed that she must have been very evil and refused. Times are vastly different now and perverts are everywhere. I applaud the couple for wanting the children to learn in growing up, but I say nay to an unsupervised walk that far. The Child Protective Services call was a very big over-reach.
This is so arrogantly bizarre that am at a loss for words. I bet this humanoid has never cleaned a toilet in his life. All of my life I have assumed that the only way I could expect others to do menial jobs is to set the example. Obama has never had a real job in his privileged and morally depraved life, but he is an expert in running everyone else's life. What a pathetic creature.
Now that is a classic!
Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me. I am not a Catholic and have never understood why a man who is elected by other men should be the unquestioned standard of spiritual enlightenment for the world. True Christians are big enough to take insults in stride. I have deflected the insults for years, and I do not recall Jesus ever having been personally offended because an idiot made some disparaging remark. But then, he was not a pedophile nor woman hater either. Neither is a true Christian.
While Ann does use hyperbole in her rants, the fact is that the actual value of college degrees has always been over-stated. There is not one important thing that colleges teach that could not be learned through apprenticeship. That is actually the way that surgeons also learn, through apprenticeship to established surgeons in the field. I have stated for many years that a basic college education could be taught and learned by the time a kid gets through the 8th grade level were there not so many indoctrination and social engineering courses that are required and rebellious nincomp*ops to coddle, Few college graduates could fully comprehend the vocabulary in the old McGuffey Reader, the standard of diction excellence in the eighteen hundreds. In fact, a kid could already be learning to make a living before he hits 20 years of age and be debt free were he encouraged to enter the work force and taken under tutelage in any of many fields. A big problem is that kids are not told that menial tasks are a part of life and that the work should never be beneath them, if it is honest work. It is the way that we learn to appreciate others. Others, Lord yes others, Let this my motto be. Help me to live for others, that I might live like thee.
A Muslim scholar is like an Ebonics scholar, both have their roots in ignorance., except Ebonics never killed anyone.
Yup. Islam is radical.....period, and perverse, insane, immoral, anti true God, ignorant, sadistic, and masochistic.
So El Presidente does not think that solidarity with our allies on the ISIS situation in Paris was important enough to pay a visit, but creating a conjugal relationship with the most brutal barbaric communist regime in the world is necessary.
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