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It is preached into them in the churches. I did not support Perot when he messed up the works and caused Clinton to win by Perot's drawing the discontent vote, but the blacks went nuts when he addressed a black crowd and referred to them as "You People." "Take it back" was shouted. He had no clue as to what they were referring. I have never understood why the term "You people" is so inflammatory. It is a common expression used in every other group gathering besides blacks. Getting one's feelings hurt by words is a sign of gross immaturity. I once talked to a black friend of mine about so many blacks getting their feelings hurt by the use of that inane expression. He immediately bristled up and said, "Well we don't like it!" To which I replied, "Getting upset over such an innocuous expression is trivial." I always clean the restrooms where I work because it is beneath anyone else doing it. They are all white and childish. It is a plague that is rampant in society but is most pronounced in the black community, as is any hard work.
So if you are a resident of either Vermont or NC, and go into New Jersey, you are not hideously evil, but anyone from Pennsylvania is inherently evil and does not have the same rights?
No, the media will say it is Bush's fault.
Every banana republic is sending its scum to the US. It is the same thing that happened when Jimmy Carter welcomed the Cuban "refugees." Castro just opened his prisons.
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Meet The Women Fighting ISIS in Iraq

Rondoman Wrote: Aug 15, 2014 9:15 AM
My heart goes out to these ladies. The Democrats should take note on what a real woman does. Obama has completely destroyed any desire on my part ever to play golf.
None of this would have been necessary had Obama not telegraphed every decision he was going to make on the Iraq war. Only a complete idiot announces that he is going to quit fighting and then has to cover his backside when his stupidity is exposed for what it is.
And this is exactly why his name is being withheld. Intercity blacks enjoy rioting. It seems to be the favorite desired pastime. I have never been a racist, but I do know that over 90% of blacks think that whitey is out to get them. Of what value is having a temper tantrum and burning the stores of innocent people? If Sharpton really cared (which he doesn't), he would scold the people for acting stupid. If it were a white guy who was shot by a black policeman or black gang-banger, would there be any rioting or even a call for rioting by whites? If the policeman did do as stated without any physical attack upon him, he should be put to death for deliberately assaulting and killing a human being, not for killing a black man, who is no less nor more deserving of the same respect as any innocent person.
ruin, sorry
There is a Biblical imperative to "Train up a child in the way he should go." Proverbs 22:6 Yes, that means that the male and female legally married parents have the responsibility to set as perfect examples for their children as possible and to teach them, under the prayerful help from God, to be like the parents. It is not creating automatons but giving the children the role models they need to become role models for their own children. My daughter was corrupted by the vicious lying of her grandmothers about how evil her mother and I were. As a result, we almost lost her to the world, but a home-schooled older friend of hers set a godly example for her and kept her from being totally destroyed. That wonderful friend was taught in a log house at the end of a dirt road in the back pinewoods of south Arkansas. She is one of the most ravishingly beautiful, articulate, unassuming, refined, godly women I have ever known. We owe her a debt that can never be repaid for her saving our daughter from ruib.
I had to take a relative to Little Rock today to see his headache doctor. He is totally disabled and cannot be in a room with anyone who is wearing perfume or he will get a seizure. He also gets seizures when he is too hot, air is too humid, or when he worries, gets upset, or tired. I had to fill out the new forms for him to get the insurance to pay for it. He was supposed to list all of the daily doses with the ridiculous number of medicines he is supposed to take. Since he cannot read and just takes what his disabled mother tells him he is supposed to take, he was at a complete loss. Not to worry; the doctor's assistant just said, "We will take care of it." In other words, "To hail with this; we will just fudge the numbers." Do you really think that the idiots who wrote the instructions really carer what they say?
I repeat: One of the signs of the end times is that people will not repent of their sorceries (pharmakeia, aka drugs). Of all the drugs, Marijuana is the most dangerous because of its insidious destruction of the line between right and wrong. It makes what is wrong more tolerable and turns a nation into an amoral state of robots. Anyone is a fool to think otherwise.
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