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Dems "Pivot" to Economy... Again

Rondoman Wrote: Apr 17, 2014 11:10 AM
Every time you pivot on unstable ground, you create a divot. In other words, you just dig a hole in the ground and make matters worse.
Only when he opens his mouth, and every time he opens his mouth.
Since mandated insurance usually does not pay for what you need anyway, why purchase it at all? Doctors are not accepting it, and hospitals of any repute are not accepting it. Do as we did, pay with a credit card or do without, since you are just wasting your money anyway by purchasing the worthless Obamacare.
The problem with any drug is that it desensitizes the taker to acts of immorality and makes him complacent. The use of any drug (sorceries, aka in the Greek as pharmakeia) is condemned in the Bible as being one of the things that will be a warning of the end times. It causes all crime to be less of a concern and turns people into vegetables of the liberal state.
I wonder why they did not include "Lies all the time" in their survey? I am so disgusted with his face that I mute every statement he makes. The problem with most blacks is that they are using him to "get even" with whites for all of the misery blacks experienced for untold years that were caused by their own hatred for each other. This contingent of blacks do not care if he lies or not so long as his presence makes whites miserable. It is a hatred that has no end and consumes the hater as well as the hated.
I turn off the sound when Obama is on TV. Why would I want this child-tyrant's picture anywhere near me?
You must not have heard of the Philadelphia count. "In 59 voting districts in the Philadelphia region, Obama received 100% of the votes with not even a single vote recorded for Romney. (A mathematical and statistical impossibility). Read more at " This is one of many instances.
Why do you desire Hedonism and debauchery? That is what you are relishing. No, Godlessness has not won and won't. The American family has all but disappeared in the black community. Is that what you want? Abortion is increasing and children who are born usually do not finish their adolescence with the same parents. Again, is that what you want? What is there about lying, immoral conduct, lawlessness and fiscal anarchy that is so exciting to you? I am wanting Americans to win, all Americans. You just want to defeat everything that is good about America and replace it with a sewer.
OK, I am on my stump stool again. Ta Da! The only fair tax is a value-added tax where no one is punished for earning anything. No other taxes anywhere are collected or levied, PERIOD! A fixed rate of, say, 10%, is included in the "shelf" price of goods and services and is collected anonymously. That tax is sent monthly to the state where the same fixed rate percentage is sent to the feds. The taxpayers are completely shielded from identity twice and the states control the budgets of the feds. If the government workers think they are not making enough, they can always quit and get real jobs.
And I might add cannot cheat so easily without winning.
No problem here. Obama will utter stern words of controlled caution, just before he goes to play golf, after which he and Michelle will have Jay-Z over for a jam session.
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