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FDA Finalizes Menu Labeling Rules

Rondoman Wrote: Nov 25, 2014 6:57 PM
This is what happens when a bunch of people with nothing to do must justify their existence by interfering in others lives. I do not care what the calorie count is. I can look at the food and get a rough idea. I sincerely doubt that 99% of people care either, judging by the "growing" number of extremely obese.
Most of the rioters just use the turmoil to steal stuff. Not one of them has any concern for the truth. The DA clearly laid out the fact that Officer Wilson was totally justified for his actions. The black community as a whole has become completely divorced from reality. If all welfare were cut off, all of this pillage would soon end because they would have to get jobs to live.
I am guessing that he did not like the idea of being a political "yes man." That is all Obama wants, and then he uses his appointees as fall men to deflect criticism from himself, typical dictator.
As is almost always the case, most of the rioting was done for free stuff like big screen TV's and entertainment media. If they really cared about anyone, the families would not be over 75% single parent, aka, woman in charge. It will only get worse until there is an intervention by God.
I guess they prefer to walk (Advance Auto Parts burned) and live in grass huts. There is no way of reasoning to a sick mind, and these minds are beyond repair. They believe that morally decent people hate them the way they hate themselves and cannot fathom true compassion. I tried consoling a screaming black baby who was in the store with his teenage mom the other day. His only response was, "SHUT UP!" I am sure that was what he heard at home. His mom was completely emotionless with no expression on her face.
Right on idiot. Keep Ferguson burning.
"Now, aren't those expectations racist?" There comes a time when the facts overwhelm and the truth is inviolate. The overwhelming number of blacks are racist fools with no sense of reasoning. That is what happens when one follows the path of moral degeneracy instead of Christianity.
That is brilliant and I have no idea what it means, but luv it. LOL
When the first fire was lit, the perpetrator should have been shot. This only solidifies the stereotype of black mentality.
Unless the lame duck congress enacts legislation to change the way people who do not enroll in Obamacare are penalized, there is no way that the government can extract that penalty because the stated way of retrieving the penalty is through tax refund extraction. All that one needs to do to avoid paying the penalty is to balance his tax withholding so that there is no refund.
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Beware of Our Betters

Rondoman Wrote: Nov 25, 2014 7:53 AM
This reminds me of the liberal mush, "A consensus of scientist agree,,," Once you need a consensus, the statement become an opinion and is no longer a scientific fact. It is, in fact, often a blatant lie. Liberals specialize in using "consensus" remarks that are totally false to justify everything they do.
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