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And insane perverts
Arne Duncan appointed child molester Kevin Jennings to be "Safe School" czar. Jennings is an outspoken homosexual and pedophile and is a member of NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy Love Association) which advocates taking innocent boys and using them as sex slaves. That sums up what Duncan is. Jeremiah Wright's gay Down Low Club is obviously still active. How about this, black Americans, is this kinky insane regime really what you want representing you?
It is impossible to start a business without breaking a law.
There has never been a debate. The Democrats did not allow it. This is what happens when a large minority of society is driven by hatred for crimes that they committed against themselves and then want to blame others for them and get even. You cannot allow undisciplined brats to run the country simply because you have a guilty conscience based on false propaganda. Over 90% of black Americans have no understanding of what Obama is doing and do not care. He is black (sort of) and that is all that matters. He is sticking it to whitey. Democrats are using black Americans, period. "And darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people."
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Dems "Pivot" to Economy... Again

Rondoman Wrote: Apr 17, 2014 11:10 AM
Every time you pivot on unstable ground, you create a divot. In other words, you just dig a hole in the ground and make matters worse.
Only when he opens his mouth, and every time he opens his mouth.
Since mandated insurance usually does not pay for what you need anyway, why purchase it at all? Doctors are not accepting it, and hospitals of any repute are not accepting it. Do as we did, pay with a credit card or do without, since you are just wasting your money anyway by purchasing the worthless Obamacare.
The problem with any drug is that it desensitizes the taker to acts of immorality and makes him complacent. The use of any drug (sorceries, aka in the Greek as pharmakeia) is condemned in the Bible as being one of the things that will be a warning of the end times. It causes all crime to be less of a concern and turns people into vegetables of the liberal state.
I wonder why they did not include "Lies all the time" in their survey? I am so disgusted with his face that I mute every statement he makes. The problem with most blacks is that they are using him to "get even" with whites for all of the misery blacks experienced for untold years that were caused by their own hatred for each other. This contingent of blacks do not care if he lies or not so long as his presence makes whites miserable. It is a hatred that has no end and consumes the hater as well as the hated.
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