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90%+ of blacks do not care if the officer is innocent. They want an excuse to riot. Democrats know this and do not care about the damage to America because Democrats are power-driven and insane. Look what they almost did with George Zimmerman who is NOT a white Latino, but a black Latino with at least 25% black heritage, having a black grandmother. He tutored black children. These blacks do not want the truth. All they want is to strike out at imaginary hatred that they think is rampant among "whites." It is really blacks own hatred for themselves that is driving them. The overwhelming majority of black men have no respect for black women. Why else would the family unit be over 75% single black mothers?
I had a statement I made about the effects of marijuana confirmed to me by a former user, now a Christian. Marijuana blurs the lines between what is right and wrong, making abortion, genocide, rape, and every other evil less repulsive. The man did indeed say that marijuana created a euphoria that made clear decisions seem unimportant. Another former user, now claiming to be a Christian and refusing to admit the dangers of his subjection to marijuana, still exhibits the moral degeneracy of the effects of Marijuana from his former life. I observed him take a machete at work and destroy a new trashcan. He was then surprised that his actions resulted in the destruction of the can. For those of you that claim no one has the right to govern your actions because it is your business, let me remind you that your actions can lead to the destruction or enslavement of others because of your completely self-centered view of life. Marijuana creates a backdoor entry to liberalism and communism. It is what drove the hippie culture and their communal living, promiscuity, laziness, and undisciplined life styles and gave us our current hippie-dominated government. Why do you think that God would have explicitly said that men's sorceries (aka, pharmakeia, drugs) would be a sign of the endtimes? Revelation 9:21 "...and they did not repent of their murders nor of their sorceries nor of their immorality nor of their thefts." It means sure suicide for humanity.
That just about says it all, and with that, good night.
Careful, blacks have decided to make the innocuous word "people" a racial slur. It is perfectly OK for a black liberal to use blatantly offensive racial slurs, but there must be no unintended, perfectly unoffensive use of any words that some childish hair-brain could construe to make offensive. That pretty much includes any word in the English language that contains more than two letters.
The real truth is disguised here because most Dems who disapprove want more freebies and more immoral decisions, and do not think the Pretender-in-chief has doled out enough.
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Whatever Happened to the Chevy Volt?

Rondoman Wrote: Aug 31, 2014 9:53 AM
If the government had not mandated all of the innovations, there would be a lot more new cars on the road that people could actually afford, resulting in less pollution. I have a 72 Ford F100 sitting in the woods that is suffering from ethanol damage, among other things. My 69+ year-old body just does not have the ability anymore to fix the truck in 90º + heat. I would prefer a car or truck that did not require me to sit with my creaky knees above my lap and to have to ask a computer why I can't start it. I am OK on roll-up windows and manual locks. I have never needed an alarm system nor air monitoring device for my tires. All of these are nice, when they work, but I cannot fix any of it. I just want something that can haul a 4 x 8 sheet of plywood.
I have no respect for anyone who worships a degenerate murdering pedophile who told his followers it was acceptable to lie to someone whom they thought was an infidel, and to pretend to be at peace with him until Muslims were strong enough in number to overwhelm and kill him. The only reason that all Muslims have not followed the path of ISIS yet is due to the Godly influence of true Christians, who bring sanity to the world.
How about "exploratory violence resistance disorder syndrome?"
I guess that depends on what "is" is. A lie is only a lie if it makes you look bad.
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