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That is the only way to control human deviates. They are beasts waiting for a chance to kill, using a depraved religion as an excuse for carrying out their sadistic acts.
Pure mush. It reminds me of the slush I had to sweep off the deck, cold, dirty, useless, and strongly resembling regurgitation. This guy has no moral focus and is pathetic. He really has no passion nor focus on anything except being a Rodney King. "Can't we get along with everybody?"
"Homosexuality is a 'Chosen Lifestyle' - NOT a birth defect." That is obvious to anyone with a clear understanding of genetics, but liberals live in a fantasy world that creates its own "science" that is based on what they want to believe and not on facts.
I find it odd that Kerry would lie about American soldiers in Vietnam, purchase medals to throw over the WH fence, and laugh about his treason against America by referring to it as "youthful indiscretion."
If they are assaulting Americans, who cares? We are rapidly losing our will to survive.
Giles point is that liberals detest Christianity but embrace ever cult and ism that is contrary to Biblical values.
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It’s Time to Scrap Black History Month

Rondoman Wrote: Feb 28, 2015 7:11 PM
Black History month is extremely demeaning to blacks. It creates the appearance that blacks are inferior and thus need to be patted on the heads to make them feel better. That is disgusting. Booker T. Washington was one of the greatest men who ever lived, and there is no need for an asterisk beside that to say he was black. His name resounds strongly on his own merit and just happened to be black. He was one of the most respected men of his time and was also an ardent conservative and dedicated Christian who supported the missionary effort to Africa, totally unlike MLK who was a sadistic womanizer of white prostitutes (by Ralph Abernathy's own admission) and an admirer of Mao Tse Tung.
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Dow at Record High

Rondoman Wrote: Feb 27, 2015 11:23 AM
Wall Street is one of the two main reason for inflation. It is nothing but a monstrous gambling casino that lives off speculation and causes inflation. It is the way they get rich. That is also why the market crashes. False confidence must be maintained because there is no "real" money. It is all based on inflated paper value. There is no intrinsic backup for the computerized money. They just pretend it has value and make us think that it does, plunging us deeper and deeper into financial insolvency.. The actual value of currency is only slightly above that of Monopoly money. "Monetary Easing" is just another name for counterfeiting. If Tim Geithner had been in the private sector, he would have been convicted of counterfeiting and sent to prison for life; yet Wall Street loved it. That is due to the fact that they are all either ignorant of what is being done, aware-but-do-not-care, or deliberately derelict and greedy at the expense of future generations. And, yes, the other evil conspirator is the government.
Not to throw cold water on all of this, but it will go nowhere. Even if the IRS is found blatantly guilty of every accused crime, the perpetrators will either be promoted or retired with bonuses and full pensions and then praised for extraordinary service, and revered and declared heroes for being destroyed by those evil Republicans. The great majority of Democrats do not care if the IRS is guilty because that is the Democrat way, to lie, steal, and destroy. After all Slick Willy is a serial rapist and is the exalted spokes pervert for the Democrats.
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