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Michael Brown's step-father should be indicted for inciting a riot. He is clearly videoed saying "Burn her down," That is a felony offence and should be pursued. Unfortunately, it likely will be ignored; since he is black. Every other firebrand thrower should be prosecuted. Brown's mother was also guilty of assault. This is really a fine upstanding family of social misfits. Not one arson should ever have been allowed. What was the purpose of the National Guard anyway? They were not allowed to do anything to prevent the destruction, and lives were lost as a result.
Romney has announced his reluctant support for illegal amnesty.
I repeat, Romney has stated his "reluctant" support for illegal amnesty.
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This Just In: Tesco is Sexist

Rondoman Wrote: 22 hours ago (8:48 PM)
It is stupidity like this that often leads to homosexuality. I have a friend whose life was almost destroyed when he was 12 years old because an uncle molested him and caused him to get trapped in a sexual identity problem for about 10 years until I counseled him and got him to ask God to get him out of the mess, which He did. Another friend was attending a so-called "Christian " school and was accused of being gay by many of the students. He was part Japanese and had light skin. He was so ridiculed that he went to a public school the next year and was actually better off. After several years, he still has an inferiority problem that makes him think he must be more assertive.
Romney has come out in support of illegal amnesty.
Good point. My wife and I live in the country and are glad that we do not associate with other whites or anyone else. I work in town and find that I have very little in common with others. Our lives are not centered around ourselves as so many others are. We have to spend about half my meager income taking care of indigent and disabled family members 60 miles north of here. It is not rewarding because they have come to expect it. C'est la vie. We can't abandon them. We just wish they were grateful.
She did not make the bed. Rush Limbaugh and the Tea Party have been behind the donation effort. If I were her, though, I would be looking for a way to get out of that snake pit.
Man, that is very good.
It is a fact that is scarcely known that MLK Jr. was in a southern jail when the black switch to the Democrat Party began. There were no Republican southern sheriffs then. All were Democrat. John Kennedy called Loretta King and told her that he would support MLK's cause if MLK would persuade blacks to vote for him in the Kennedy-Nixon election. MLK was a Republican, as were most southern blacks because Republicans have always been the champions of black civil rights. MLK agreed because what he wanted was not freedom for blacks but a Maoist style state. MLK was a big follower of Chairman MAO. MLK was trained in the communist Highlander Folk School in Monteagle, Tennessee along with Rosa Parks in peaceful insurrection techniques. This is documented and easily found with a search. The communist Myles Horton was the head of the training camp, and the socialist theologian Reinhold Niebuhr, Jimmy Carter's favorite theologian, was a big supporter. MLK preached one thing, as communists do, but really was NOT a man of integrity but a very bad womanizer with an insatiable carnal appetite, as was revealed by his friend Ralph Abernathy. It is that dark character, the true MLK, that fostered the degeneration of the black family from being 85% intact in the 1950's to what is now about 15% intact. His true character has permeated the worshipers of his false persona and fostered the hate that so many blacks now have for America and for themselves, especially the black women who are shown little respect.
Here comes "Romneycare."
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