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PLEASE Townhall. Get the interfering videos under control. It is impossible to hear when the stupid ads keep kicking in every few seconds that have no way of turning them off!
Why was this guy not put to death? Our justice system is so sick. Why is it that someone can be observed trying to kill someone else and legally be shot and killed by anyone with a legal permit to carry. However, if the perpetrator lives, he is automatically presumed innocent until proven guilty. Is there a mystical change that occurs because he did not die? If he dies at the scene of the crime, is he still presumed to be innocent? Stupidity is running amuck.
Absolutely criminally insane. How Nevada, even with its reputation for advertising and exploiting immoral conduct can tolerate this idiot is beyond comprehension.
The point about marijuana that is dangerous is never addressed. The Bible says that one of the signs of the last days is that people will not turn from drug usage, called sorceries (pharmakeia). Marijuana is the most subtle of all drugs because it does not appear to do permanent harm. The harm is that is diminishes the ability to make clear distinction between right and wrong. It is accumulative in its effect and can only be reversed by a forceful willful spiritual rejection of what it has done and is doing. I have observed its effects in Christians who once smoked pot. They simply never fully understand how their morals have been effected. Drinking, slumming around, lying, temper tantrums, lack of concern for others, and general character loss are effected. One thing is needed, and that is to come to realize how captive marijuana usage has made them to carnal appetite and loss of character.
Did anyone think this was not going to happen? Would I be the only one who believes the White House got to this judge?
There is only one man who can successfully call for impeachment who holds any power, and that "man" is the wimp Harry Reid. Were he to do it, Obama would be toast. The fact is though that the senator from the state of legalized ill repute and debauchery is not going to do it. He has a blind hatred for America that is equal to that of Obama.
Before anyone listens to you, you better stop quoting that Muslim rag. Mohammed was a rapist and child molester and was thrown out of his own town for being immoral. He returned with a bunch of cut throats and killed all of the men in the town. It takes the lowest form of humanoid squalor to follow the woman hating religion that he created. Women are mere dogs to a true Islamist to be used, abused and cast aside. True men are protectors of women, not abusers.
At least there is a partial admission of cowardice. Harry Reid could stop all of this illegal mess, but the senator from the state of professional ill repute will do nothing.
Ahem. What the bill says does not matter. The courts will claim that it means whatever Obama wants it to mean. They might even expand it and tighten the grip on us. We learned that from Benedict John Roberts. Whatever is relevant to the communist agenda will be accepted and the rest ignored. We are no longer a nation of laws but of programmed self-destruction. I have lost 100% of all faith in the US Judiciary to do the right thing.
Ask the school children who are routinely terrified by unexpected missile launches and cower at every loud sound if they think threat is real. They are not in the least aware of the "payload capacity." If someone kept throwing firecrackers at my kids, I would use every tool at my disposal to stop him, and I would not be concerned as to whether he had a certain "payload capacity."
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