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There is guilt by association. You might also call it willing accomplices. I know that there are Democrats who never look at the party stance on issues, but stupidity is no excuse.
My wife must pay about $269.00 a month for insurance. Her latest yearly physical, which she had put off for three years cost about $380.00. The insurance company paid about $11.00 of that. That means for the last month. she had to pay out about $649.00 and got reimbursed about $11.00. All of that will have to go onto the credit card. Her cholesterol meds cost only about 15% out of pocket under the old system but now cost about 90% of the retail and the retail price has gone up about 5 fold. That is the generic, not the name brand.
California is already in the cesspool tank, and Jerry Brown wants even more bankruptcy and free loaders?
What is this garbage about the system being broken? The system works and always has. The system is being ignored and laws are not being enforced. These Republicans are in ways as dumb as the Democrats
Yeah, but this is cowardly Boehner who has no courage at all. He still thinks that America wants some form of amnesty. He does not want to stop it; he just wants to get part of the credit for it.
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LA Poll: Landrieu in Deep, Deep Trouble

Rondoman Wrote: Nov 20, 2014 9:11 AM
Non-Christian and pretend-to-be-Christian, as well as brainwashed Christian black voters vote Democrat, no reason, just guaranteed.
My wife went for her yearly physical, filed her insurance, and was told that her $250.00 per month premium would cover only about $12.00 of the cost. So now, she is out $250.00 plus about $350.00 for the exam. I have yet to convince her that she is pouring money down a rat hole.
This gives evidence to something I have said all along, and that is that degrees to people who are "superbrilliant" from institutions for the "superbrlliant" are often complete farces. The egos get in the way of common sense. I have never known anyone who was classified as a genius who had the ability to listen to anyone else. He was always a god unto himself and was unable to think rationally. This reminds me of the guy who had wheel come off his car outside a mental institution and was scratching his head wondering how to address the problem. One of the patients got up from a bench and suggested that the man take one lug nut off each of the other tires to fix the wheel until he could get to a repair center. "That's smart. How did you figure that out?" To which he replied, "I was not put in here for being stupid."
The truth is that the Islamic Palestinians are terrorists that can never be changed. It is their religion. Biblical exterminations are recorded as being necessary for self-preservation.
There is another mistake that is made in addition to referring to the Democrat Party as Democratic Party, and that is in referring to them as "Progressives." There is nothing progressive about them. They are regressive, dishonest, and stupid beyond belief. In fact, they are such prodigious liars that they assume it is second nature to everyone. They give the most praise to the ones who are the most blatantly adept at lying "on the fly" and never looking back. Remember Slick Willy saying, "I did not have s** with that woman," and "it depends on what 'is' is." Black liberals proclaimed him the first black president, and it was his philandering and immoral behavior that "earned" him that title.
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