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There was plenty out there. The media just did not report on it because they wanted a communist in the WH. From his Chicago ties to the gay community and the assassination of two of his "friends" when he began his political career to his totally worthless community organizing, his profile was etched in stone. He never worked a day in his life but was believed by his worshipers to be able to fix anything. He is simply a robot doing the bidding of all that is dark and evil.
Hey, Democrats trash the streets when they have a sit-in or demonstration. A Democrat will never let a conservative finish making a statement without interrupting. Why should anyone be surprised by this behavior? I simply wonder why they showed up in the first place.
That about sums it up.
As long as the teaming millions believe that the tooth-fairy-in-charge can continue to dole out monopoly money to allow them to remain indolent, unemployed, and blissfully ignorant, nothing will change,
Liar, liar, pants on fire! Flagged.
Obama is indeed a completely controlled deranged robotic idiot who has been sent to destroy the world.
There have been far more attacks of blacks on whites in this country this year that were clearly racially motivated. The media does not report them. There are even more killings of blacks on blacks, but these are not classified as hate crimes. White people do not riot and demonstrate when these crimes occur. The reason is very simple. Whites do not see the black on white crimes nearly so much as racial as they do as attacks on human beings who happen to be white. Whites do not, in general, hate blacks; they simply do not trust them because most blacks are socially degenerate and do not want to be part of a morally responsible human race, except for the intelligent few who are Christian, Godly, and respecters of human life.
Bush admitted his addiction and his alcoholism, repented, and became a Christian. For all his misguided ideas about Islam being a "peaceful religion," and his "compassionate conservatism," he was one of the few presidents who spent every early morning in prayer, praying for his enemies. He never criticized people and is still a friend of the military. Remember that even Ronald Reagan made one of the biggest mistakes any president has ever made in granting amnesty to illegals, causing California to become a communist breeding ground that has led to the current moral degeneracy nationwide and has turned CA into a cesspool.
He can then blame someone else. He is a totally controlled robot. He does what he does in order to destroy everything in the world that is good. No one with any intelligence of his own would be able to completely screw up everything as he is doing. ALL Marxists are Satanically controlled robots. You do not need to read Alinsky to know what to do. Just reject Christianity and set your path in the opposite direction. This is the result. From a highly qualified source, the only major difference between ISIS and what Obama and his black worshipers are doing to America is that Obama and his minions are not yet cutting off heads.
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