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A Legal Immigrant and Patriot

Rondoman Wrote: Jan 18, 2013 9:24 AM
I think you missed the point. He was applauding him but at the same time lamenting that someone of such character was being summarily dismissed, unlike the illegals who not only are welcomed but given instructions from Obama on foreign commercials as to how to take advantage of the system.

On my show this morning, I’ll be talking to a young man in Germany named Marc.  He has tried unsuccessfully to enter this country through the front door and has met with red tape and delays each time. I’ll be talking with him today about his fundraising efforts and his attempt to become one of us.

No DREAM act will benefit Marc. He won’t be eligible for a driving privileges card; he will not receive any welfare or in-state tuition. After all, the election is over and Obama got all the votes he needed. Marc is working for his citizenship...