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Will the Arms Trade Treaty Suppress Second Amendment Rights?

ronb28135 Wrote: Nov 16, 2012 9:24 AM
Our guns are all that stands in the way of Obama's Amerika. He wants them & he will lie & cajole to get them. The unanswered question is, will 80,000,000 Americans passively give up their more than 258,000,000 shotguns, rifles, handguns, legally licensed machine guns, submachine guns, cannons & howitzers. That question won't be answered until the confiscations begin; & if Obama, Chuckie Schumer, Feinstein, Kagan, Scalia & the other social democrats have their way it will be tried. They know the BATFE has to come for them. Anyone remember what happened to the Branch Davidians? I am sure that there will be resistance. People here know that if the the guns go, then come the camps for uncooperative citizens. Red Dawn may be a prophesy.

The first round of UN Arms Trade Treaty talks may have fallen apart at the month-long conference held in NYC this past July, but as Ted Bromund over at Heritage noted at the time, “Now that the concept of the ATT has been invented, it cannot be uninvented. There are too many countries and too many left-wing nongovernmental organizations that want a treaty.” He was right and as Katie reported last week, it didn’t take very long to initiate another attempt. One question she raised in her post deserves more attention: “Is the argument from the U.N. that...