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O'Reilly keeps showing what a neocon he is. He is two-faced, claiming to be a Bob Taft conservative and talking like a Democrat. Do people watch him just so they'll have some one to feel superior to?
Our guns are all that stands in the way of Obama's Amerika. He wants them & he will lie & cajole to get them. The unanswered question is, will 80,000,000 Americans passively give up their more than 258,000,000 shotguns, rifles, handguns, legally licensed machine guns, submachine guns, cannons & howitzers. That question won't be answered until the confiscations begin; & if Obama, Chuckie Schumer, Feinstein, Kagan, Scalia & the other social democrats have their way it will be tried. They know the BATFE has to come for them. Anyone remember what happened to the Branch Davidians? I am sure that there will be resistance. People here know that if the the guns go, then come the camps for uncooperative citizens. Red Dawn may be a prophesy.
Lincoln was our first dictator. He was a tyrant & not Mr. nice guy at all. His policies resulted in the murder, by Union armies, of Southern boys who were defending their homes. Lincoln’s War of Northern Aggression was waged to force the South back into the Union, not to free the slaves. He wanted the taxes & customs’ house monies from the South for the federal coffers. He wasn’t the first president to wage war for his personal agenda, but up to that time he was the biggest spender. The Emancipation Proclamation was issued to free slaves in the belligerent states only, not in the North. Lincoln needed it to revive the sagging support in the North for his war in the South. It gave his armies a new cause to kill & die needlessly for.
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Muslims Misbehaving

ronb28135 Wrote: Sep 19, 2012 2:34 PM
It is easy for this Westerner to wrap his head around this idea--"What in the hell are we doing over there anyhow? We aren't wanted so get the hell out." Bring our troops home NOW. Stop the wanton killing of our military and now our ambassadors. End the blowback by not giving them any targets. Bring everyone who works in the Middle East for the federal government back home where they belong. Oops. I forgot. The military-industrial-Wall Street-banking-complex would lose money if we do the sensible thing, and we can't have that. No, their profits and the campaign contributions that come from them are more important than the lives of our military. We are really over there to build the empire ever larger.
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Arizona Loses a Great Sheriff

ronb28135 Wrote: Sep 19, 2012 2:22 PM
It is too bad that the federal government has given us cause to be always suspicious of the deaths of anyone who resists their power.
These latest incidents have given the the blowback wanted by the U.S. government to guarantee its unneeded & unwanted presence in the Middle East for years to come, or until we go bankrupt, whichever comes first. When will this country's citizenry become angry about the wanton loss of American lives in this futile foreign adventure. When will the mothers & fathers of the dead stand up & be counted? These wars only protect the profiteers in the military-industrial-Wall Street-banking-complex & ensure them that they will continue to make money off of the blood of our youth. Ron Paul reminded us of George Washington's admonition to be a friend to all nations & the enemy of none. Its time to end the belligerancy. Bring our troops home NOW!!
I would suggest that Mr. Morris also check out the under the radar UN Programme Against Small Arms. I haven't seen this mentioned on any NRA/ILA alert yet. (unless I missed it)
This practice isn't new. In '65 my marine unit on DaNang air base was in country for 60 days without ammunition. Our tents were less than 100 feet from the perimeter concertina wire. We had bullet holes in the tents. But because we were air wing pogues, the brass thought we would shoot ourselves in the foot with real bullets in our "guns." Our rifles were in our tents & no ammo. We were issued it on an as needed basis when we stood guard duty every other week. Some Army infantry units kept their guns locked in an armory when not in the field. Word has it that when Bill Clinton reviewed the troops the bolts had to be taken out of their rifles. The guy's ego was out of control. No one would waste a round on a rat. They were stepped on.
The State Department and many presidents have "just allowed our boys to be killed." Why American mothers and fathers tolerate the killing of their children by their own government is beyond me. It is time for all Americans to say enough is enough. Stop creating blowback and bring our military home tomorrow---PERIOD---NO MORE SACRIFICES---Our troops are dying for supposed allies who don't do their share and will not sacrifice their youth to fight their own wars. Let the Jews and the Arabs fight their own battles. Make foreign intervention to incite war by U.S. personnel a capital crime, from the President, CIA and FBI on down to editorializing news media hacks like Blitzer, Kristol, Hannity, OReilly, and Rove.
What is really scary here is O'Reilly's ratings. A lot of people watch him spiel this and other irrationality on Fox.
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