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Either Oh! Bama!s a complete incompetent or his plan is succeeding beyond his wildest dreams. I opt for the latter. No body could be this much of an idiot without it being purposeful. The Establishment has resources enough to plan it and to pull it off. Or this could be a Mossad false flag developing.
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BEWARE: No-Knock SWAT Attacks

ronb28135 Wrote: Jul 07, 2014 1:04 PM
The SWAT photo reminds me of another time -- NAZI GERMANY
As long as we have Democrat sympathizers Boehner and McConnell leading the Republicans Obama is going to continue doing whatever he wants to do. Neither Boehner or McConnell have whaat it takes to stand up agaisnt Obama. They are both Establishment hacks pretending to be Republicans. It's time to bounce both of them in November and elect Republicans who are Republicans and not RINO pretenders.
We call these Republicans RINOs in Michigan. Believe me when I say that we have our share of them here. They are the Republicans in the House and Senate that voted for the Medicaid Expansion in Michigan and our governor, Ricky Snyder who signed it into law.
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Seattle Allows Guns in Public Libraries

ronb28135 Wrote: Nov 12, 2013 3:04 PM
This is a misleading title. Free men aren't being ALLOWED to carry firearms by the government . This is an example of free men winning back a right usurped by power hungry, controlling politicians who are supported by a corrupt judiciary. The judiuciary ALLOWS the politicians to violate our rights and encourages other questionably legal tresspasses by so doing.
My wife had a discussion with her doctor today about having knee surgery. The Doc told her that once Obamacarre came in she won't qualify for the surgery. She's too old. She called today for an appointment immediately after coming home. This is only the tip of the iceberg on Obama controling your life. If you check out prices on line for a backpack and a pressure cooker, you may get a visit from the feds. It has happened already. For sure don't mention C-4 in an e-mail. That's military shorthand for plasitic explosives. The governent is only collecting our private communications. Big Brother isn't reading them -- sure -- and I've got a bridge for sale in Brooklyn, at a bargain price.
Calling all conservatives, and right wing fundamentalist Republicans. Stop pretending you are humanitarian idealists, you hypocrites! Tell Bill O'Reilly to drop his phony facade too. Force the feds to follow the constitution. Re-legalize ALL drugs and end the senseless drive-bys and gang wars. Own up to it. You've failed with the insane drug war. You cannot legislate morality. Give it up. End the drug war -- NOW!!
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Obama and 'Overreach'

ronb28135 Wrote: May 22, 2013 3:48 PM
Bozell nailed it. Clinton skated on nearly everything except the grand jury perjury. Lewinsky didn't do him in, nor did Whjitewater mainly because of a weak special prosecutor named Starr and a chicken in the Senate named Trent Lott. Obama will skate unless he has crossed someone in the Washington power elite who put him where he is today.
Obama doesn't have to negotiate. Spineless RINO Bo(eh)ner will give him what he wants. Doesn't the Prez realize by now that there is only one party in Washington -- the Party of the Establishment.
O'Reilly keeps showing what a neocon he is. He is two-faced, claiming to be a Bob Taft conservative and talking like a Democrat. Do people watch him just so they'll have some one to feel superior to?
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