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The Obama Culture Arrives

Ronald Reagan Fan Wrote: Dec 28, 2012 7:54 PM
Today's culture is an abomination to God , a stench in his nostrils, to use Biblical metaphor. We owe all this to the liberals and socialists. Legalized child sex molestation, legalized infanticide, mandatory euthanasia, forced sterlization of black women are just a few of the goals of liberalism and so-called humanism of today. But we the people are also guitly because we could have stopped this horrendous evil, which God hates but we did not. America is not a godly nation and the majority of Americans do REJECT God's word-all of it.
The year 2012 was a depressing time for people who are already pessimistic about the state of our common culture. Conversely, the re-election of Barack Obama, in large measure made possible by the heavy financial support of Hollywood, projects the optimism of the cultural Left. They anticipate increased blue-state voting patterns in favor of gay "marriage," legalized pot, gun regulations, and what next? Legalized prostitution? Euthanasia subsidized by Obamacare?

So let's just line up the cultural winners of Obama's America, where the only impediments to progress are those who believe in religion, manners and "family values."

Winner: Seth...