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Why is it that all those who punch, kick, smash and rip women are Liberals DEmocrats?
Let's get real. Rice is a violent animal like Ted Kennedy. Put this monster in prison so he can never again punch, kick, rip, hammer or smash another human being ever again.
Rice obviously learned a lot from Ted Kennedy. What's next? Kicking, strangling, using broken whiskey bottles on his wife's face? We not these Ted Kennedy's ideas as well?
Poor lois. Too bad stupidity can't be cured medically. We could refer Lois to everal Obamacare 'stupid doctors'.
These problems are ALL Obama's fault. That is why veterans hate Obama-Obama hates them.
Abortion is NOT a medical procedure any more than gassing Jews at Auschwitz is a medical procedure. California wants godly people to pay for the murder of innocent human beings. Californians (the majority of them) are not human, they are murdering socialists.
Wisconsin Democrats threatened to rape and murder both Gov Walker's wife and daughter. This was documented. Had not the state police intervened both women would have been raped and murdered. This shows how ALL Democrats view women-to be raped and murdered whenever it suits them. BTW, why do Democrats say Walker's policies of making the tax system fair to blacks, and ending discrimination against them are "callous"?
Steyer is for climate change because he thinks he will make $100-200 Billion/year. he does not care about the fact that millions (many African American) will lose their jobs. He is a rabid left wing Nazi extremeist like Michelle Nunn, Allison Grimes (and the Kentucky KKK), Kay Hagan (supports forced abortion of black babies and forced sterilization of black women), Mary Landrieux and jean Shaheen. Styer is also like George Soros (who helped the Nazis find Jews and send them to Auschwitz).
The only decent thing to do is shop Kroger all you can. By the way, we need to carry guns to protect children from the murderers who get their hate from WaPo, HuffPo and otnher Nazi hate rags.
This is why ISIS is using Obama as a doormat.
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