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Davis is obviously a murdering animal. Given the chance she would murder greg Davis and every handicapped person in Texas. This is consistent with her genocidal desires to exterminate non-whites. She is a throat ripping beast far more evil than anything from the 3rd Reich, Stalin, Mao. You name the murderer, davis is worse and more evil. Her ad proves everything I said.
That's her best attribute lerner. What's her worst attribute?
What's the message of the story? Harvard students are stupid? I agree, they are. So are their professors. Why is Harvard regarded as a bastion of higher education? Sounds like they give no education at all-in anything. See if you can find a Harvard prof or student who can actually read. Maybe he/she/it would like to comment.
She supports Obamacare especially the death squads and rationed healthcare (meaning no real coverage for seniors with pre-exisiting conditions). She is endorsed by Emily' List , Planned Parenthood and the KKK-all racist hate groups-Of Course she voted for Obama.
Lois is a moron. Townhall has not banned her at all. If Townhall does not ban Will Ethan for talking about his molestation of children why would it ban Lois for being a racist and socialist?
Sounds like Garcia's opponent hates non-whites especially bright, honest, Christians.
Landrieux's problem is that the stench of the gutter she lives in is so bad, nobody can wash it away. In Louisiana, stench, racism and corruption are synonomous with "Democrat" especially "Landrieux",
With the exception of the Koch Bros, the billionaires are all liberal Democrats. On a related subject, in 2012 every single bank (and its crooked CEO) that broke the law and caused the recession gave money to Obama but NOT to Romney. That's right all the crooks gave to Obama.
It's gotten so bad that Michelle Nunn in Georgia, who actually supports Obama on Everything-No Exception is now running ads attacking him on his Ebola strategy and cutting military spending etc. These ads are typical of the filthy lies Nunn has always run since day 1 of her campaign. But it does show that although she supports Obama's socialist politics (including allowing Ebola infecvted people into the US) , she still hates him beause he is half black. No southern white Democrat likes Obama-they all hate him due to race.
Shaheen's entire ad campaign is nothing but lies, and filthy lies at that. Shaheen cannot run on her record of Lying about Obamacare, tax and spend to favor liberal billionaires (which 99% of them), hating Israel and Jews, and hating non-whites. When you are white racist trash i.e liberal, your filthy smell is everywhere.
A month ago, Obama and others guaranteed not a single Ebola infected person would be admitted into the US. Now we have several including two of them at Emory U. America has to accept the fact that an Ebola outbreak WILL ocur in the US and thousands at least will die. Thanks Obama, we see where your interests are!!!
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