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Oprah, Obama and the Racism Dodge

Ronaldoport Wrote: Nov 20, 2013 4:15 PM
The sad thing is that European viewers of that film will believe that's the way it was. Yet anyone who cares to search the "true story" will find it riddled with inaccuracies (to put it nicely). F'rinstance: the butler was not born on a plantation, he had one son (not two) the one that coined the black Panthers is an entire fiction, the other (real one) did serve in VietNam, but is alive today and not, as depicted in the film 'killed in action. etc. etc.
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Four States Reject Obamacare "Fix"

Ronaldoport Wrote: Nov 18, 2013 3:12 PM
Vermont has its own exchange also: "Vermont HealthConnect" and guess what? It's exchange/website isn't working either. Gov. Shumlin (D) had to issue an extension also. However, he's still on board as the governor who wants to be the first to implement single-payer (read: "government controlled" ) insurance). It's time to find a better, more descriptive term than the seemingly benign "single payer."
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A Farm Bill in Name Only

Ronaldoport Wrote: Nov 17, 2013 2:09 PM
51 years ago, while hitchhiking across the country, I caught a ride from a farmer who picked me up in Wisconsin. I asked him what he thought about a farm bill called the "Soil Bank," where farmers were paid to NOT plant a portion of their fields, so as to reduce supply and thereby raise relative demand and thus prices so farmers would benefit. His reply? "Son, the only land I got in soil bank is rock piles and sand pits... and if it ain't that, it's under water nine months of the year."
Regarding Vietnam, well yes, he did increase troops from 16 special forces to 16,000. But it was becoming increasingly clear to him that Vietnam would be a mess, and it has been recorded that at the time of his shooting, he had been considering with trying all of them. This is not to say your points are not well taken. They are.
Are you kidding? That is horrible. Where can I get a copy of the common core? Not the standards, but the texts that are used.
It is the USPS Commission, led by the Postmaster General, a political appointee of You Know Who... that explains it.
The USPS commission is totally political. In 2005, I sought a commemorative 2006 stamp for Booker T. Washington to celebrate his 150th birthday in 1856. Their standard is that commemoratives can be issued only once every 50 years, and though BTW qualified, it was a three year process. I was "too late." Yet, W.E.B du Bois, was the subject of TWO USPS commemoratives within 7 years (all during the Clinton presidency) even though Du Bois had declared himself a Communist, renounced his US citizenship and had entered self-exile to Ghana!
Just as disturbing, I understand that, Booker T. Washington and his positive philosophy centered on the importance of Character, Education, and Opportunity has been (quietly) expunged. His autobiography, Up From Slavery, has been a staple of middle school curricula for over a century.
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With ObamaCare, The Buck Never Stops

Ronaldoport Wrote: Oct 23, 2013 11:00 AM
Obamacare? Crapware!
Several years ago, if memory serves, the IRS spent $2 billion in attempting to automate tax filing and threw the whole program out, claiming that, to put it in perspective, Pepsi spent $4 billion a year on advertising. Obamacare? Crapware!
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