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A Look at GDP for 2012-Q4

Ronald C. Wrote: Nov 05, 2012 9:14 AM
It appears from your graph that the distance between the initial trajectory pre-2009 and the current is widening indicating a slower growth trend if so what is the delta and what will be its long term effect/
As we expected, economic growth in the United States picked up in the third quarter of 2012, increasing from the annualized growth rate of 1.3% recorded in 2012-Q2 to 2.0% in the BEA's initial GDP estimate for 2012-Q3.

We had forecast that real GDP would be recorded at $13,602.8 billion in terms of constant 2005 U.S. dollars, and the BEA's initial estimate came in at $13,616.2 billion - a difference of $13.4 billion, or with 0.01% of the BEA's recorded figure.

The BEA will revise this figure twice more before the end...

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