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Hillary is a master (DEMOCRATIC) crooked politician- she wants the FOX to guard the chicken coop-
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Obama Impeachment Almost Complete

RonaldBlair Wrote: May 07, 2014 5:42 PM
Obama is the biggest FRAUD in history who has deceived America-every part of his life is a lie starting with his hidden past history that cost millions to hide-and many more millions to keep it out of the news-media-the rich powers who installed him control our newsmeia so America does not hear about Obama's FRAUD or his crimes or his past history-but just GOOGLE "Mia Marie Pope" to hear his old friend talk about why his past is hidden at such great expense-
racsism is the cry of many to cover the truth-and the truth is that Obama is the biggest FRAUD in history and millions of Americans know about this massive Obama deception- and many more millions know that Obama is a LIAR- just GOOGLE "Mia Marie Pope" and hear one of Obamas old friends talk about why his past history was hidden at the cost of millions-
NO ONE will EVER pay for Obama & Holder selling guns to the Zeta Mexican Drg cartel using STIMULUS money because the powerful Democratic machine has too much power- to bribe judges & politicians- Obama is not evene worried as he prepares his teleprompted campaign speaches to keep LIEING & CONNING America- like the DEMOCRATS are for the poor and the REPUBLICANS are for the rich- in fact - Obama is owned by the super-rich power mongers who hid his criminal past at the cost of millions- Obama even surrendered his law license to avoid investigation- & is the only president to hide his past history & have an alias name- "BARRY SOETORO" you have deceived America-
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