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The Dirty Little Secret of 2012

Ronald591 Wrote: Nov 15, 2012 3:45 PM
Massive voter fraud "provided [Obama] his margin of victory." Get serious Michael, write about something worth reporting - the voter fraud, not your claptrap analysis.
Well she deserves it, she has worked so hard to get where she is and done it all on her own - Not!
Soros caused the October surprise in '08 to assure Obama's election. McCain/Palin were gaining in the polls on Obama/Biden.
Was it Will Rogers or Mark Twain that said the more I get to know people the more I like my dog, or something like that?
Viva la revolucion is a Spanish statement, closely associated with Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. That might explain the spelling of revolucion and viva la also.
I have seen Sotomayor and Kagan described as harridans - a word that describes them well. Holder is a crapweasel, racist and aider, abettor and supporter of terrorists. His past and present records prove him to be so.
He cares about the poor as votes for him and others like him, and as slaves to Big Federal Government. He cares most about himself, then his agenda for political power and control.
O is still "a hidden guy" in the sense that he has told so many conflicting, contradictory stories about his sordid past the real O is hidden in a fog of lies. Of course he has also kept from public view life records that would reveal him and put out false records, e.g., the fake birth certificates released by his handlers. Despite his best efforts, however, his sordid past and present have come through. He cares nothing for American values or Americans. His track record of abysmal failure as pretend POTUS/CINC is enough now for sane, unbiased people to turn him out of office with all he has brought in with him against America and Americans.
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