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TSA Manhandles Disabled Three-Year-Old in Wheelchair, Offers No Explanation

Ronald589 Wrote: Feb 21, 2013 3:26 PM
Just like on scene, immediate, armed civilian response is the best deterrent to cray people shooting up schools and movie theaters, the best way to keep planes safe is passenger's and crews who will fight back if something untoward happens. It is well past time that we remove the TSA completely, they have proven to be expensive, obstructionist, and ineffective. If congress doesn't do it, it is up to us to demand their removal, and maybe help show them the door. The TSA rep in this story needs to be fired, charged with violating the child and mothers civil rights under color of authority, and thrown in jail for the rest of her pitiful life. It's bad that they picked on a wheelchair bound child, but the no camera thing is unlawful.
Rightwheel Wrote: Feb 21, 2013 4:27 PM
Many a local cop has told a bystander filming a police "engagement" the same thing, also totally illegally AFAIK.

The Transportation Security Administration is apparently not content with fondling America’s private parts or administering airport prostate exams. They have now uncovered a more nefarious kind of terror threat – three-year-old girls confined to wheelchairs.

Nathan Forck and his wife Annie, along with their three children were heading to Disney World for a family vacation. Lucy, their three-year-old, has Spina bifida and is confined to a wheelchair.

The family managed to make it through the TSA checkpoint at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport without any problems. But as they prepared to walk to their gate, a TSA agent pulled aside Lucy for...