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Invitation to the Dance

Ronald589 Wrote: Jun 27, 2012 11:23 AM
The executive privilege route might have worked, a few months ago, before anyone said that neither Holder or Obama knew what was going on. If they didn't know, and the actions were not taken at their direction, then they need to turn over those people who are responsible for this mess. If they did know, let them keep the claim of privilege, but nail them for lying to Congress, and for the murders of everyone who was killed as a result of this fiasco. While contempt of Congress is bad, contempt of the people is worse.

Executive Privilege. It's a constitutional principle but it might as well be an old dance, the steps are so familiar.

First a congressional committee demands some documents from an administration.

When not enough are produced to please the committee, it moves to hold the federal official in charge of them in contempt. In this case, Attorney General Eric Holder, since his Justice Department was in charge, to use the term loosely, of a highly suspect operation dubbed Fast and Furious. It turned out to be entirely too fast and too furious, and a lot of guns wound up in...