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After the Senate Republican Committee basically forced us to take Pat Roberts again, a lot of us are a little upset with the whole bunch. He is a perfect example of the out of touch Washington types that are killing the whole country. Renting a chair in a basement does not a resident make, and having to borrow a truck (from an out of stater no less) to be in a parade in Kansas just shows how little connection he has to us here. I like what Brownback has done, but our folks in DC are spineless pansies.
This is part of a larger run by the government, not about abortion, or gay marriage, or what you eat. It is about who gave you your rights. The government wants to be the creator and arbiter of rights, not an all knowing creator, not God, not natural law. Government. If they can give you your rights, then they can also take them away, as we change and grow and our morals grow with us, you know. If government becomes god, all those who fail to believe correctly (today) become heretics, and will be treated as such. That doctrine may change tomorrow, but it is little comfort to those outside tonight. Look at what is already being done to those who don't agree with our current incarnation of arbiter, BHO. We are all racists, we hate poor people and women, we are cultists with mental diseases, we want children and old people to die. None of these things are true, but when government is god, truth becomes very malleable.
If we made it plain and simple that non citizens have NO rights, not to property, not to privacy, not to legal counsel, then took away all their cash and belongings, they would figure it out real quick all on their own. Most states already have such laws on the books, stating that only citizens have said rights. Time to enforce them. As with most things, we do not need more and more convoluted laws, we just need to enforce the ones we already have.
Just like on scene, immediate, armed civilian response is the best deterrent to cray people shooting up schools and movie theaters, the best way to keep planes safe is passenger's and crews who will fight back if something untoward happens. It is well past time that we remove the TSA completely, they have proven to be expensive, obstructionist, and ineffective. If congress doesn't do it, it is up to us to demand their removal, and maybe help show them the door. The TSA rep in this story needs to be fired, charged with violating the child and mothers civil rights under color of authority, and thrown in jail for the rest of her pitiful life. It's bad that they picked on a wheelchair bound child, but the no camera thing is unlawful.
Amen! And I have voted and will continue to vote for people who really believe and do the things I believe in, and that often means Libertarian instead of Republican. If the Republicans push through anything that gives amnesty to the gang members living on my street, that the Bushes and the Obamas won't get rid of, I will be done with them. I want a smaller Federal government that doesn't care what kind of toothpaste I use, what color my underwear is, or ask my doctor to find out about my guns. If they can't do that, I have no use for them. Better to have the Democrats get it all over with quickly so we can start fresh than the slow lingering death of the Republicans.
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Ronald589 Wrote: Feb 12, 2013 12:37 AM
The last point is right on! If any "reform" is made about immigration before we seal the border AND deport the 20 Million illegals that are here, including the 400+ gang members in the city where I live, I will drop what little support I have given to the Republicans and their conservative in name only candidates!
My right to have a weapon, gun, knife, broadsword, or wit, does not come from the government, it comes from God. The government is forbidden from tempering that right, and for decades, the people of the US have wrongfully allowed it to do so. The purpose of an armed citizenry is not to hunt or go sport shooting. It is protection. Protection from the government, protection from those who would do us harm, protection from foreign invaders. It has often been said that we no longer need to protect ourselves, the government, in the form of police, National Guard, Armed forces, and the myriad of government agencies will protect us. Events such as Sandy Hook prove all too well that they cannot be there to always protect us.
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Ronald589 Wrote: Jun 27, 2012 11:23 AM
The executive privilege route might have worked, a few months ago, before anyone said that neither Holder or Obama knew what was going on. If they didn't know, and the actions were not taken at their direction, then they need to turn over those people who are responsible for this mess. If they did know, let them keep the claim of privilege, but nail them for lying to Congress, and for the murders of everyone who was killed as a result of this fiasco. While contempt of Congress is bad, contempt of the people is worse.
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