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Obama Already Has His "Balanced Plan"

Ronald484 Wrote: Mar 05, 2013 3:46 AM
History was on the GOP's side last year too. With the failed economy and the unemployment rate, they should have won both the presidency and the Senate. Instead Obama was reelected and the Democrats gained seats in both houses. And don't tell me it was because Romney was not "conservative." Ron Johnson's neighbor's dog should have been able to win based on Obama's record.

Throughout the debate over if and how to replace the sequestration spending cuts that have officially gone into effect, President Barack Obama pushed for what he called a "balanced" plan of spending cuts and tax hikes to attack deficit reduction, and scolded his Republican antagonists for not agreeing to his proposed tax hikes. It's been a common theme for the President for a couple of years now - acknowledging that deficit reduction is a priority while continuing to push for "balance." Expect to see it further in the coming debate over an operating budget for the federal government.

Barack Obama...