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Perhaps you forgot, or just missed it, but the Republicans tried funding refusal last year, which was rejected by a vast majority of the American people!
Good solution. Of course, that would allow Obama to fill all his administrative posts with recess appointments, and allow him to continue issuing executive orders because Congress is not acting. I bet Obama will love that!
You do realize that like the president, Congress cannot act alone and that all you propose must be signed and approved by Obama, don't you. With that in mind, are your "solutions" realistic?
If you're going to ignore the constitutional definition of treason, then why are you concerned about a constitutional trial? It would seem that you are not really concerned about the Constitution.
As didn't you!
Yes, pass a law, which will be absolutely meaningless exercise because Obama only veto it and will never sign it.
Where in the Constitution exactly does it say that "all laws are to be written by our elected representatives"?
The reason for the mandate was to get the young healthy individuals (the Invincibles) into the insurance pool. Why weren't they in? Because they believe they are invincible and don't need insurance, so they didn't buy it.
Yes, that would work, at least until 2016 when everyone losing health insurance coverage because a fix did not happen express their disappointment (anger) in the voting booth, as they did last week. Of course, then, more Republican Senators are up for reelection than Democrats.
If you take insurance regulation away from the States, then there would need to be national regulation, meaning a new Department of Insurance and federal regulators (more bureaucrats), which would translate to bigger government. Is that what you really want? And when did federal government regulation ever result in lower costs?
Try understanding the issue. The subsidies are not illegal because they are subsidies, but because the only subsidy authorized by Congress were for those individuals buying insurance through state exchanges, not the national exchange. If the law authorized a subsidy to a farmer for growing corn, and the Agriculture Department decided to also pay a subsidy to the farmer for planting wheat, that subsidy would be illegal, but the corn subsidy is authorized and legal.
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