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cont. from above "And I would punish Mexico with sanctions, because Mexico is criminally culpable." ~ If Mexico is criminally liable, shouldn't there be an indictment filed in the International Court of Justice? "They guard their own southern border quite well, so know exactly how to do it and choose not to." ~ Actually I he facts show that they are not able to guard their southern border very well, as evidenced by the number of illegals from Central America crossing that border to reach our border. "Every single illegal alien caught coming across Mexico's border results in a $5,000 charge to Mexico to cover our expenses. That money is deducted from whatever financial aid we're currently sending to Mexico, which we shouldn't be sending anyway." ~ As a large portion of that aid goes to drug enforcement on that side of the border, then I am sure you will support the tax increases made necessary for the increased drug traffic and use. "Once we cut off all financial aid to Mexico ..., every 200th illegal alien caught crossing the border results in a new $1,000,000 commercial lien against Mexico." ~ So you are proposing we enter a trade war with Mexico, our third largest trading partner. That will really help the economy. "We can then sell the debt at a discounted rate to professional debt collectors and let them worry about collecting." ~ Obviously you have no idea how debt collectors work. They only buy a debt, even heavily discounted, if there is some possibility of collecting it. I doubt that a Mexican Court would enforce such a debt, and a US Court would have no jurisdiction over the property of Mexico. The fact is, no debt collection company would buy the debt.
"When NO ONE can come into this country from the southern border (northern too, but that is a different problem) without proper documentation...And it's easy to do, countries do it all over the world, every day." ~ Just what countries have a secure border such that no one can cross without proper documentation? The old Soviet block countries couldn't, Mexico cannot do it on their southern border (despite the claims above otherwise), not even Israel can do it with its fence. "Criminalize the hiring of Lawless Immigrants. Homeowners, CEO’s and Business Owners go to PRISON if they hire illegals." ~ We already make the hiring of illegal aliens illegal, but penalize violations by increasing fines, not incarceration. Since many illegal aliens obtain fake IDs, do you still put honest businessmen in jail who check IDs, but are unable to distinguish the fake from the real? Are you not concerned that this will result in business reducing their hiring. Or that they have to use expensive background check causing an increase in prices? " That will cut off the money that draws them to come here in the first place." ~ I thought that the illegals only came here only for government benefits? "Build a standard security double-fence and use a combination of electronic surveillance, dogs, ATVs and the National Guard. Have a guard tower every 300 yards in high traffic areas." ~ Sounds very much like the approach that the East Germans used, but couldn't keep everyone from crossing their border. And do you support the increase in taxes to pay for the National Guard to be stationed on the border full time. "When people are caught crossing the border illegally, they are fined $100,000 which is then registered as a personal lien. They won’t ever pay it, but if they ever want to get into this country lawfully and build a life as an American in the future, it will be a lot harder starting out with their wages being garnished to pay off a $100K fine from when they tried to get here illegally." ~ Presently, illegal aliens are denied the ability to reenter the country for 10 years. But you think turning them into "indentured servants" would be a better solution. Seems like even a smaller paycheck due to garnishment is better than no paycheck they would have back home. cont. below
Also, most planes would carry different armaments for different missions. Until they have a mission, the planes would not be armed so that the correct armament is loaded.
Quite likely they were looking for it, only knowing it had disappeared from radar. They probably looking for other aircraft as well, and only several hours later got the news that United 93 had actually crashed. I don't recall how long it was before the news of the crash was confirmed, but it could have been several, three or four hours. Until that was confirmed, they would have continued their search mission.
"We saw what tens of billions of US training got us when the Iraqi army was called on to fight." Perhaps if we had actually spent "tens of billions" on training, they might have done better. According to the inspector general's report, "Military program managers spent a total of $1.32 billion to train MOD [Ministry of Defense] forces....The United States obligated $5.61 billion and expended $5.44 billion on MOI training." That is a lot, but hardly "tens of billions." I guess your facts make your arguments sound good, even though they come from where the sun doesn't shine!
I keep seeing allegations of voted fraud in 2012, yet apart from apocryphal accounts of a precinct here that had more votes than registered voters or a precinct there that had 100% of its votes for Obama, I have not seen any evidence of fraud, and none that would amount to the 5 million vote margin needed to give the election to Romney. If you have that evidence, I would love to see it!
How does this trivialize what the gay and lesbian groups fought for. The main argument that they make for same sex marriage is that they should be allowed to marry in order to gain benefits associated with marriage. Is this not exactly what these two are doing, getting married in order to obtain benefits (tickets, etc. for a rugby match) that comes with getting married. It seems that this is exactly what they have fought for.
Or, because they do not qualify for subsidies, they need to verify employer health insurance. If they wanted to tax health insurance benefits, they would go directly to the employers for that information, including the cost that most employees wouldn't have.
Assuming your numbers are correct, 2,700 votes out of 180,000 is 1.5%. In order for 1.5% to yield a million votes, over 66 million votes would need to be cast, which would be four times the total population of Florida. I would ask you for your course, but I'm afraid you got it from a place where the sun doesn't shine.
Louder public outcry over what? Apocryphal accounts of fraud? Perhaps if there had been real evidence of widespread organized fraud that the public could see, there would have been.
And, of course, you have the evidence that all this is organized and going on on a national scale, right?
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