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We have it already. It's called an election.
Do you mean "other thin skinned "real Americans" that cannot handle criticism of the gop" like Ronald Reagan, whose 11th commandment was "Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican." I doubt that the term "RINO" was even in his vocabulary.
What party platform are you referring to? The only platform I know of was the one Romney and Ryan ran on two years ago. I'm sure many on here, yourself probably included, would label that platform as being "RINO."
And those representatives must vote to approve the rules change, so, in effect, "we the people" are making the change. The Speaker does not, and cannot, just decree a change in the rules.
Then you are happy with the way Harry Reid blocks all conservative House bills and want to see that continue. You must also be satisfied with all of Obama's appointments that Reid can now get approved with a simple majority. Good to know. The single most important concept to understand for this November’s election is simple … Democrats will cast their votes as they did for Obamacare and to pass similarly toxic legislation, regulation, foreign and domestic policies … Conservatives will cast their votes against such things … RINOs *may* cast some of their votes with the Democrats, but most of their votes will be with the GOP … Do you really prefer a Democrat who supports few or none of our values casting votes as your representative rather than someone GOP or Tea Party who supports most, but not necessarily all, of your values casting votes as your representative ? We need conservatives in the Senate and House in 2014 to reign in Obama, even if they are "conservative light"...beats liberal Democrats! The true TEA party movement does not EVER support a Liberal Democrat!
I'm sure that you will feel much better with the Democrats.
If there is this enormous support for Gowdy, then he will be the nominee put forward by the Republican conference as their choice for Speaker.
Yes, there are many on here who advocate them doing just that by impeaching Obama or shutting down the government just before the election.
Isn't the party composed of the voters who elect them? "who stay out of our bedrooms" ~ So you support same sex marriage? "aren't afraid to talk with minority and union member voters who normally vote Democrat" ~ Isn't Thad Cochran being castigated by some for doing just that?
Is this the same base that elected them, but only elected a "few representatives that have the courage to stand for the Conservatives"? One would think that with such a large conservative base that more than just a few " real" conservatives would be elected!
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