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You do understand that the House cannot act alone, don't you? You have read that much of the Constitution, haven't you? You know, the part about it requiring both the House and the Senate to enact something, and that the President must sign it. Do you really think that the Senate would pass any defunding bill? Or that Obama would sign it? Time to wake up from your fantasy. Yes, the House has the power to impeach department heads, but to what end? The Senate will never convict. That merely gives the Democrats fodder for their campaigns. The House does not have any "power of the purse." Congress, acting together, does. But the House, acting alone, can do nothing. That is why it is crucial that the Republicans gain control of the Senate.
And you say the same thing as well: effectively vote for the Democrat.
Writing in the name of a loser is effectively voting for the Democrat. I'm sure they will address all your concerns about government. Good luck on waiting until 2016 with a Democratic Congress and Senate. I respect your right to your opinion but it is totally misguided! We need Conservatives in the Senate and House in 2014 to reign in Obama..even if they are 'conservative light'...beats liberal Democrats!
Just admit you are voting for the Democrat. Hopefully they will address all your concerns.
"any executive order will disappear at the end of Obama’s term and any who step forward for exemptions now may be subject to deportation in 2 1 /2 years." Precisely why conservatives should not be overly concerned with DACA or any possible executive order regarding immigration. Any executive order can be reversed by the next President. It is also the reason that the immigration activists should not be so exuberant about immigration executive orders. If the executive orders are revoked, all those illegal aliens who have come forward to register and get work permits will be part of a database that ICE can use to go right to their doors.
"conservatives should always feel free to write in a conservative alternative" Might as well just go ahead and vote for the Democrat. Same difference. Voting for a certain write in loser is the same as not voting which is the same as voting for the Democrat. The single most important concept to understand for this November’s election is simple … Current Democrats will cast their votes as they did for Obamacare and to pass similarly toxic legislation, regulation, foreign and domestic policies … Current conservatives will cast their votes against such things … Current RINOs *may* cast some of their votes with the Democrats, but most of their votes will be with the GOP … Do you really prefer a Democrat who supports few or none of our values casting votes as your representative rather than someone GOP or Tea Party who supports most but not necessarily all of your values casting votes as your representative ? We need conservatives in the Senate and House in 2014 to reign in Obama, even if they are "conservative light"...beats liberal Democrats!
Perhaps if smitty41 didn't just go all over scattering his off topic comments, he wouldn't feel he was being sraulked. It hard to go to any article on TH without finding an off topic comment by him. I wonder if he has been checked for attention deficit disorder yet.
Maybe you should try reading the Constitution sometime. You just might learn something, such as members of Congress are not subject to impeachment.
Said one who cannot come up with a rational argument and must rely on insults. Margaret Thatcher noted that, when insults get to name calling, the opposition has no valid argument to make. Sort of like a kid in the playground, calling names.
So just vote for the Democrat. I'm sure they will properly address all your concerns much better than the Republicans will.
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