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love to see BLOOMBERG go bankrupt trying to use his anti constitution agenda go broke.
Well after hearing this it just hardens by belief in what God says.. He says that those who are luke warm to him and his teachings he will cast from him to suffer the judgement. You can not be a half hearted Christian and name calling and pushing out that we are like muslims in just nuts..
I had said before that obama appears to be self destructive! He pans on destroying America in the process and our way of life. Being raised and mentored by a communist porn trafficker is no ones wish for a successful upbringing and it shows each and every day a new revolution comes out of the White house.
How soon will you see your aunt Em or uncle Bill reregistered to vote and draw SS. I have seen grave yard documentarians writing down iso they had no business doing. they are latino and became nervous when i checked the marker they are taking the info from..marker was white folks.
Counteraction to what BIDEN and OBAMA are pushing,,,which is confiscation. America was founded on gun owners because they knew government by its nature is repressive..
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BREAKING: SCOTUS Sides With Hobby Lobby

ronald228 Wrote: Jun 30, 2014 10:56 AM
They want an abortion, let them pay for it..lesson here is if you play then by all means pay ,,i'm not your sugar daddy..
Never vetted president ruining this country CBS, you and the rest of this communist propaganda media shilling for the president or in this case, dictator in charge.
Government dictate by a would be honest but is not never vetted to see if he is qualified for president dictator ruining this country, That is who is taking us part with or with out the help of congress. You do know why they are doing this don't you? It is the drive toward one world government that does to be done by giving up our constitution and sovereignty.
Well use another site other then GOOGLE..they are there and i'm dropping mine..
thats is because the conservatives understand what this country means to the rest of the world and what it's history is. Most libratards were spoon fed socialism and the rest of the propaganda from their parents and piers and what ever college they attended. I bet if one more question was asked if those who disfavor America according to their education back grounds, you would find that most who do attended some university or college,
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