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The UN Gun Control Treaty Is Bad for Gun Owners Everywhere

ron89 Wrote: Sep 18, 2012 1:52 PM
the un is a totally corrupt just like the us federal gov hmmmmmmmm how can it be fixed well the un should be charged rent to be in the usa 2.5 trillion a year cant pay then f in leave the fed gov cannot be fixed through the electoral process so what is left well for starters those people that obama loves MUSLIMS THEY WILL PROBALY FIX WITH A NUKE AT THE NEXT JOINT SESSION OF CONGRESS ALL THANKS TO OBAMA
Last time I checked, Americans were responsible for making our own laws. We do not invite foreign nations to have a say in how we govern ourselves within our own borders. Yet if you follow what's been going on with the United Nations this year, you know that the USA came perilously close to having other countries dictate our gun laws. And the fight isn't over yet.

The United Nations has been debating an arms trade treaty for nearly a decade now. Though the treaty is ostensibly focused on military arms, it has long been clear that the majority of U.N. delegates...