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Obama Supporters on Climate Bill Costs: No Thanks!

Ron781 Wrote: Jan 24, 2013 11:06 AM
Did you ever open a warm Coke? Yes, excess CO2 bubbles right out. CO2 levels follow warming of the oceans and thawing of the poles, it does not cause it. Climate change has always happened. During the last major ice age sea level was 350 ft lower than today and there was a torent in a canyon below the Golden Gate Bridge. The people that lived here then didn't moan and grown, they simply moved their camp upgrade. We have a problem but the earth does not, get on with addressing the peoples probem.
On Monday we sent out correspondent Tom Elliott down to the National Mall to talk to the attendees at Obama's 2nd inaugural about the president's big plans to tackle climate change in his second term. Everyone he spoke with loved what they had to hear. 

But when he asked about the issue on a more personal level -- whether their families often talk about climate change, whether they're personally taking actions to prevent climate change, or whether they would be willing to pay more in taxes or more for gas & electricity to help finance the eventual legislation -- their enthusiasm quickly...