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Could Obama Finally Have Overplayed His Hand

Ron781 Wrote: Mar 05, 2013 11:24 AM
We have to impeach both the POTUS and the VPOTUS. Who want Biden in charge. If he thinks he can handle it I'd go out on my balcony and fire off two shots from my shotgun to scare him away.
Is it possible that Obama's arrogance, personal pettiness, sanctimoniousness and egotism (for starters) could finally be his unraveling? Even the liberal media are starting to notice, but will it last?

Up to this point, they've dutifully played along with his Alinskyite tactics -- converting the office of the presidency into a headquarters for community organizing at a federal level and a position to organize and fund a perpetual campaign against his political opponents instead of governing.

The liberal media share Obama's leftist policy goals and the ends-justify-the-means mentality that accompanies them and have thus far been eager not only to ignore Obama's thuggishness...