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A Religious Taboo

Ron781 Wrote: Jan 25, 2013 11:30 AM
That Liberals accepts Islam is a mystery to me. There can be no further difference in thought. Liberals are for women’s rights, gay rights, equality of life results for everyone, etc. Muslims are for complete dehumanization of women, killing gays, no equality except if you are Muslim, etc. How can any Liberal say they support Islam and not be asked if they are crazy? Especially women Liberals. Maybe ugly women liberals may want to wear a tent, I don’t know.

Can we at least agree that reports of al-Qaeda’s death have been greatly exaggerated? You’ll recall that Peter Bergen, a director at the New America Foundation and the national-security analyst for CNN, began pronouncing AQ dead last summer. At the Aspen Institute, he even gave a speech titled “Time to Declare Victory: Al Qaeda Is Defeated.” He defended this thesis repeatedly, including in a debate with me on Wolf Blitzer’s show on CNN.

President Obama has not gone quite that far. Prior to the election, in stump speeches round the country, he said al-Qaeda had been “decimated.” And even...