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President Obama's Closing Act: An Epic Collapse

ron766 Wrote: Oct 20, 2012 9:43 AM
Here's why I commented: I am sure Mr. Hewitt has spell check. To post his column while ignoring those glaring highlights, and without bothering to correct, is sloppy and insulting. I have no problem overlooking something so less obvious. I support the substance of the column, but why give the left-leaners even more reason to feel intellectually superior? I provoked the comments to prove another point also. Notice a bunch of Libs in such a discussion and how they almost immediately devolve into name calling and obscenities? That never happened here, yet WE are the boobs.
The ongoing collapse of President Obama's campaign may lead to some extraordinary stunts during Monday's last debate, but no matter what he tries, it is very unlikely that the president can reverse the enormous momentum behind Mitt Romney's campaign.

(One data point. Congressman John Campbell, a frequent guest on my radio show, polled his district this week. It is Califronia's 45. John McCain carried it by 4.7 points in 2008. Mitt Romney is almost 20 points ahead in this cycle. Campbell reports that this sort of result is showing up across the country.)

The nation is simply finished with...

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