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Your analysis about blacks being forsaken by the democrat party is spot on. Your conclusion, however, is most likely off base. This has been going on for decades, and there is no change in the voting patterns of blacks. Like most pundits, you're applying logic to the question of whether this will continue. Trust me, it will. I have zero confidence that the blacks in America will open their eyes to reality when it comes to the issue of voting for Republicans. Ain't gonna happen unfortunately.
If only you were right, Star. But until the percentage of blacks voting dem goes below 90, I think you're just hoping. No group is so in bed with the dems as blacks despite policies that have decimated them for decades now. It doesn't seem to matter on election day, at least to this point.
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The Obama Riots Begin

Ron6756 Wrote: Aug 11, 2014 12:59 PM
I appreciate what you're trying to say in this article but you are leaving out one important ingredient from this whole subject. The black community, including young black males, have almost unanimously supported a democrat party which has instituted and maintains the policies that have helped create this situation. Sorry, John, but in my book that means they at least in some large measure, are responsible for the situation they find themselves in to this day. If facing that reality is considered by you as hardhearted, then I guess you can count me in that category.
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Guns in the Home

Ron6756 Wrote: Jul 05, 2014 11:29 AM
I understand the author's intent but I have just one question for him. If all my guns are stored in a safe, exactly how do I protect my family in the case of home intrusions by those intent on doing us harm? Can I just call for a time out while I go unlock the case and gain access to the one weapon that can protect me? Just wondering.
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Look Her in the Eye

Ron6756 Wrote: Apr 28, 2014 12:59 PM
Nice job, Mike.
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Facts and Factions

Ron6756 Wrote: Mar 19, 2014 3:17 PM
You seem not to be aware of Sen. McConnell's dishonest handling of the recent vote to increase the debt ceiling. Perhaps if you were you wouldn't be in such a hurry to defend someone with a "90%" conservative voting record. The debt ceiling fiasco is how he achieves such a record dishonestly. He told his caucus to not oppose the move to bring the debt ceiling increase to a vote, which requires 60 votes in the senate. Since the democrats don't have 60 votes, it could only move forward with republican support. He then pointed out that if they would allow it to move forward without requiring the 60 votes by the senate, they could then ALL vote against it and go home and tell their constituents they tried to stop the debt ceiling increase but just didn't have the votes. One senator, Ted Cruz, verbally stood up and said he would not play that game because it was dishonest. This necessitated a vote requiring 60 to move the debt ceiling to a final vote. Guess what? McConnell, Cornyn, McCain, and the usual RINO gang all proceeded to vote FOR the debt ceiling increase, a vote they loathed to take because it publicly revealed they really have no issue with government continuing its insane growth. Why would you defend such dishonesty? You seem to be a straight up guy. Surely you weren't fooled by this chicanery, were you? Or did you really not know this is what occurred?
Ms. Coulter seems not to know that McConnell recently sought to force his caucus to abandon the 60 vote requirement to pass a debt ceiling increase by coercing them into not objecting until the Senate made the final vote, which required only a 51 vote majority to pass. He encourage his caucus to do this so they could then all vote against the increase and go home and tell their voters how hard they fought Obama to stop it. Fortunately, Sen. Cruz wouldn't play ball with the leadership and forced the issue, requiring everyone to vote iaw the 60 vote rule. Your hero, McConnell and all the other Rinos joined the dems in voting to proceed. That's the real Mitch McConnell. Perhaps someday Ms. Coulter will come to the knowledge of the truth of these Rinos she is defending. Either get them out of leadership or this nation is kaput along with the Republican party!!
Your supposed to be a smart guy, Hugh, but you just don't get it, do you. It's like your having an orgasm over this Gardner guy pushing Buck out of the race. You ignore the fact that Gardner is already in bed with the Republican leadership and his elevation to the senate will do little or nothing to promote liberty and slay the dragon that the federal leviathan has become. He'll join McConnell and the boys and say all the right things while doing NOTHING to decrease the size of the government. Wake up, Hugh, and realize sending someone to DC with an "R" behind his name is meaningless unless he is in the mold of Cruz, willing to slay that dragon!!
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Cruz Control?

Ron6756 Wrote: Feb 19, 2014 12:51 AM
I have nothing but the utmost respect for your opinions, Dr. Sowell, and rarely ever disagree with any of your articles. On this one, however, I am baffled. For such a clear and concise thinker, you actually presented virtually no evidence that Sen. Cruz is a threat to the movement to turn the nation's direction around from its current suicidal path. The implication is that Sen. Cruz is hurting his parties chances at becoming the majority party again because he is willing to actually stand for conservative positions with his actions in Congress, rather than just mouth the words. I would contend that a large, and possibly majority of the public, actually want someone to lead this nation out of the wilderness created by the dems and Obama. The current Republican leadership in Congress has no courage to actually lead. Owning only the House, the only real tool available to them to end this insanity of Obama policies is taking a stand and being willing to shut the government down however long it takes to make Obama cry uncle. You and I obviously disagree about the feasibility of that action. Like you the Republican leaders seem to be deathly afraid of that battle, assuming the end result would be disastrous. I contend they have no idea because they don't have the courage to carry it through. As a result, our current president continues on his daily path of assaulting our liberties and fundamentally transforming America. You might find wisdom in not challenging that effort, but I certainly don't.
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