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Number of US States, Journalists, Hit New Low under Obama

Ron4594 Wrote: Oct 12, 2012 9:16 AM
Whom would you rather have defending half of the left coast of the country: Loyal, trained people who know the tactics of the Muslim/Arab/Palestinian terrorist enemy, and how to counter them, or Liberals helping the Muslim in the White House destroy the country and turn control of it over to the Muslims/Arabs in the sandbox? The people of New Israel would have peace from constant Muslim/Arab/Palestinian attacks, and would be able to use their resources for peaceful projects: Medical advancements, improving farming techniques, etc. New Israel would drill and refine its offshore oil, giving us petroleum products in return for the reduced amount of support we give to New Israel.

The number of U.S. states reporting initial unemployment claims has dropped to a new low under Obama- and more importantly journalists have dropped to a new low as a result.

Previously physicists had predicted that journalists couldn’t get lower.

Guess what? They were wrong. 

I call it the Obama effect: No matter how crappy things are, adding Obama can make it just a little but crappier.

Only 49 of 50 states reported initial unemployment claims last week according to Labor Department economists. This has led to a predictable, yet wholly pathetic attempt by the media to say that unemployment...

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