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Are we discussing actors or Truth? Billious O'really the Interrupter does poorly in both categories.
Gee an' we are betting on moonbat ahmadinejad or Bobo Alzheimer. Lil' john boehnor ( sellout, Beltway) would also be nice.
Would that Patriotic and Taxpaying Americans could block kongressional traitors and the rodents in the white house from our shores. A national lottery would produce a better bunch than those we suffer.
We have it from a most reliable source, sean pinhead's boyfriend, that ole kathy seb-e-lius ( mandatory hyphens for leftist wackos) has been accepted by North Korea as it's new propaganda spokesperson reporting only to lurch. Note: Ole lurch served uncle Ho along side Hanoi jane.
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Cooking Oil is the New Snake Oil

Ron Cole Wrote: Apr 10, 2014 4:58 PM
The tree mugging wild eyed leftists must save the green winged wombat at all costs. You say "it does not exist?" No matter! It is the loving soft heart-ed sentiment that counts. The cry of the cross eyed Beltway fascists, "..block the pipeline and ban all vehicles using fossil fuels!" Note mandatory hyphen for the leftists.
I proposed a solution to the corruption and traitorous behavior of the leeches we have selected to rob and betray us. 1. All Terms limited to one three year term. 2. A national lottery election ( the crooks running the lotteries can not possibly as corrupt as kongress and the Blue Stadt Komishes - BSK). 3. The losers so selected , the number one becomes the peeResident etc., will be housed in existing military barracks and receive enlisted beginning pay. 4. Each morning at 05:00 a brief exercise session will be conducted by United States Marine Drill Instructors. At sun up a flag raising ceremony will be conducted. The chow hall will open from 06:00 to 07:00. After chow the victims will have ten minutes for self hygiene. At 07:18 sharp the victims will be transported to their labors. Rations will be served to the desk of the victims at 12:00 sharp. They will have fifteen minutes to suffer the field rations. At 17:00 the military transportation will return the victims to their barracks. No telephone calls or visitors allowed. Lights out at 21:20. If the respective victims perform their respective duties and have no demerits from their United States Marine Drill Instructors they may escape captivity and return to their homes. Those who fail to meet their DIs expectations are doomed to serve another sentence. Note: A hefty bounty will be placed on lobbyist, foreign bribers, press goblins and GWNs (global warming nuts). This should balance the budget in six months.
We do not have room here to list Great People and Patriots who did not attend a college. I might add that if a Great Grandchild of mine asked to be sacrificed to Harvard or Princeton I would disown it just before kicking it out into the street. A Hillsdale fan
This alien enemy creature does not meet the qualifications to be President. I would be surprised if it has genes instead of programed circuit boards.
Do rednecks take down their Christmas lights?
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Woman of the Year

Ron Cole Wrote: Jan 02, 2014 10:38 AM
As much as I appreciate the brilliance of the iconoclast Camille Paglia I hardly admire her leftist views and her advocating pornography and moral license. My choice is Rebecca Hagelin. Her character and strong Christian foundation place her in on a whole different plain.
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