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Nonsense. They were rounded up, no doubt about it. But they were not intentionally exterminated. Not a shred of evidence exists to support that. Pictures of skinny people don't prove a thing.
Stalin was no picnic, but we should have let Hitler off the hook? Looked the other way as he steamrolled France, Poland, Austria-Hungary, Belgium? Let him continue with the concentration camps? Just wondering. ----------------------- Britain and France declared war on Germany first. Don't forget that. Poland was murdering German citizens. Austria VOTED to reunite with Germany. Belgium? The Germans were on their way to a port(I forget the name) up there to secure their supply of iron ore.
Part 1 Adolf Hitler - The greatest story NEVER told! ----------------------------- Please educate yourselves about WWII. Hint: We were on the wrong side.
"...not bomb the rail lines nor the death factories." ---------------- Wouldn't that have killed the Jews who were in those so-called "death factories"?
Herman, Yep.
No difference between interning the Jews and interning the Japanese(and others).
We've been f*cking with the Iranians since the 1950's. They've actually shown remarkable restraint. P.S. Sanctions are an act of war, and very cruel at that, as they hurt women and children the most. Gee - maybe THAT'S why the Iranians don't like us! Ya think?
After WWII, all ME governments were friendly towards the US. What happened to change that? Think hard, ladies.
Hilter said this about the Jews. In other words, he was saying that this is what Jews do. And he was right.
How is this different than historians getting thrown in jail for simply examining the "holocaust"? If you're opposed to one, you have to be opposed to the other.
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