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Mutt Romney's argument for winning the election... "I had been practicing and memorizing my debate lines since June. My ideas are awful and my math doesn't add up and I hate the the people -- but please, please, please go back and watch that first debate." LOL!
Mutt Romney owes the nation an apology.
After listening to the dialogue of the Republican candidates, Richard Murdouck, Newt Gingrich, Paul Ryan, etc.... It's clear the GOP / Tea Bagger / Republican party is the political party of racists and rapists. "Rape is sanctioned by God and a blessing to women." -Richard Mourdock, tea bagger Indiana Senate candidate. Tea Party = Rapists and Racists
"Rape is a good thing and sanctioned by God." -Richard Mourdock, Indiana U.S. Senate Candidate
Mutt Romney knows he's losing.....
President Obama brought Osama bin Laden -- the world's most evil man -- to justice. Mutt Romney, if elected, promises to do the same to Big Bird by shutting down Sesame Street.
"President Obama's handling of Hurricane Sandy has been outstanding. I withdraw my support of Mitt Romney and fully endorse the President. Thank you President Obama for saving my state. BTW, that fool Mitt Romney can go f**k himself for promising to elimiate FEMA." -New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, 11-4-2012
Mutt Romney (aka human teleprompter) is hellbent on eliminating FEMA and turn over disaster management to the private sector.... "I hate FEMA. I can't stand FEMA. I'll get rid of FEMA on the first day of my presidency. I don't care if our people are starving in the streets with their homes destroyed -- those losers don't get anything for free. I'm not their guy." -Mitt Romney, Republican primary debate
Governor Chris Christie has announced he's going to vote for Obama after the President's top-notch handling of Hurricane Sandy. This is awesome! http://ionenewsone.files.wordpress.com/2012/11/hurricane-sandy-obama1.jpg
LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "Romney has been relying more and more on teleprompters in recent days as he swoops in and out of the battleground states delivering a scripted closing argument. Romney’s heavy use of teleprompters symbolizes the evolution of his stump speech." -Washington Post
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