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Anne_1 has been lashing out against the world since the last debate. And I know why -- Annie is angry that she wasn't included in one of Mutt Romney's "whole binders full of women." Sorry Annie, no way you'd ever make the cut.
You really think this nation is going to elect a man who runs around bragging about his "binders full of women"? Ain't going to happen for Wierdo Romney...sorry.
New Obama campaign line Romneysia.... Not even Mutt Romney knows his positions -- "Am I pro-choice for this particular election. I can't remember? Do I need to be pro health care reform? Where's my staffer guy?"
Two weeks ago you said the polls were way off ... why are they accurate now?
No credit was avaliable during the financial crisis deary. There would be no money to borrow for either car company to get by during bankruptcy proceedings.
I'm watching the Dutch Reagan documentary on HBO right now... Boy, Ronald Reagan sure thrashed the U.S. Constitution with his authorization of the Iran-Contra affair. Perhaps no other President stomped all over the Constitution like Reagan did transfering funds illegaly from Iran to the Contras.
I have some bad, bad news for Anne_1... Sorry girl, you didn't make it into Mutt Romney's binder full of women. Only attractive women are eligible.
Mutt Romney's proposed approach to selecting cabinet members... We got "binders full of women" to choose from. "Ohh boy !!!"
Kerry -62 "Romney was a successful governor of a liberal state and succesfull business man who creted jobs unlike your Obama." LOL, Taxxachussetts was 47th in job creation under Mutt Romney. When he was governor, Mutt Romney was practically a liberal Democrat -- pro-life and created health care reform. Mutt Romney not only has a record of failed policies, he does not believe in anything beyond what gets him elected. Typical interaction wih voter Voter - "Are you pro-choice" Mutt Romney -- "What do you want me to be"
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