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Yes it is!
Plenty-they are coming from the middle east?
So are you saying private sector will lay off workers? Go ahead. O can create more public sector jobs that pay more, have better benefits, and favor hiring of minorities and veterans.
No they get better benefits in most other European countries. Australia and Canda have a larger saftey net and treat their poor much better. But the US does treat their poor much better than most and what? You would like to treat them worse?
Yes we are because yes we can! Get ready for tax hikes richie rich.
They are still paying nothing. They need to contribute. No one is saying anything about paying the off the debt. We need revenue and they can afford to pay more than nothing. Why are you defending them?
Whoever they? We know who they are?
Who? I missed the beginning. I don't know who 'she' is?
The rich do not pay through the nose. And if you are paying through the nose then you are obviously not rich. I pay through the nose too. But if you are Romney or better you will be paying little to no taxes at all. That has to change. They need to pay at least as much as i pay every year. I voted for that and my candidate won. I expect him to tax those earners.
Well first I don't consider the 47% to be parasites. My parents are both on SS and Medicare. They worked hard all their lives. They are not parasites at all. And the rich have not paid their fair share. Their earnings have increased by 250% while the rest of us our earnings have stagnated. They need to pay more taxes on that ferarri. Sorry. More people in the US agree with me than you. That is what the election proved. Get used to it. It's a good idea anyway.
So what is your point?
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