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hello. Corporations are now "people", and can be executed for crimes against humanity. By extension, can governments in partnerships also be terminated?
hello. it just doesn't matter. the demoncrats know better than you how you should live.
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Unemployment Drops to 7 Percent

rollzone Wrote: Dec 06, 2013 10:26 AM
hello. these numbers are phony. the harvest season has now ended. those people are again out of work. industry is not moving back. infrastructure is still rotting away. servicing the wealthy for the coming economic collapse, is the only growth sector. this administration should be blindfolded, and stood against a wall.
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Tea Party at the Crossroads: Part II

rollzone Wrote: Nov 13, 2013 12:13 PM
hello. amuse me with definitions of the Tea Party. bankster cartels will be broken, the bums will go to jail, and Americans will be represented in government once again.
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Cruz and Carson in 2016

rollzone Wrote: Nov 04, 2013 10:11 AM
hello. 2012 defined the moment. it's not about personalities. you can not use money to poll a local contingency and parrot what they want to hear. it's not about warmongering. it's not about sending corporations and tax dollars out of the country. you will have to have a strong message, you will have to defend it to the election, and it has to be in the best interest of the common American civilian. we need solutions, and not more downgrades. whom will solve the lobbying special interest debacle? whom can we trust with our allies? whom will represent the American people; ahead of corporate interest? whom can lie better than they?
hello. our socialist leanings are attracting foreign investment domestically, but this has taken many years of cultural abuse at home. the size of our unaccountable federal bureaucracy (being run by bankster cartels) leaves common civilians fearing domestic drone surveillance, email reading, telephone listening, and debit card spying; ...while this same technology was supposed to be used to streamline government efficiency. this alleged 42% support of this regime includes illegal immigrants. the value of the dollar has been downgraded, and our troops are not yet home. we are preparing for a false flag pandemic holocaust terror event- because that is regular operating procedures of this administration. the remnants of the Tea Party are our best hope for restoring America, and holding unconstitutional criminal acts accountable.
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