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Cruz and Carson in 2016

rollzone Wrote: Nov 04, 2013 10:11 AM
hello. 2012 defined the moment. it's not about personalities. you can not use money to poll a local contingency and parrot what they want to hear. it's not about warmongering. it's not about sending corporations and tax dollars out of the country. you will have to have a strong message, you will have to defend it to the election, and it has to be in the best interest of the common American civilian. we need solutions, and not more downgrades. whom will solve the lobbying special interest debacle? whom can we trust with our allies? whom will represent the American people; ahead of corporate interest? whom can lie better than they?
hello. our socialist leanings are attracting foreign investment domestically, but this has taken many years of cultural abuse at home. the size of our unaccountable federal bureaucracy (being run by bankster cartels) leaves common civilians fearing domestic drone surveillance, email reading, telephone listening, and debit card spying; ...while this same technology was supposed to be used to streamline government efficiency. this alleged 42% support of this regime includes illegal immigrants. the value of the dollar has been downgraded, and our troops are not yet home. we are preparing for a false flag pandemic holocaust terror event- because that is regular operating procedures of this administration. the remnants of the Tea Party are our best hope for restoring America, and holding unconstitutional criminal acts accountable.
when the fight comes be sure to collect ammo from the dead bodies
hello. the role of the CIA in international affairs is now illegal. intelligence gathering does not include arming their own contractors to overthrow a government. this is an illegal use of tax dollars. Mr. President was correct in saying to Putin that he was needing to be re-elected before they could engage in a military conflict, because before the election- this would have been impossible. now he feels complete control. this, along with militarily trained "refugees" being flown into O'Hare- should bring the fight to our home soil. good for us he has been the #1 salesman of guns in America.
hello. someone alleges this murderer is accused of being the Fort Hood trigger man. pay close attention to all your neighbors with beards. in this way sleeper cells will be more quickly identified.
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How Guns Are Like Nukes

rollzone Wrote: Feb 05, 2013 11:08 AM
hello. finally an idiotic comparison that just makes you want to go out and kill someone. Americans need people to kill. it is who we are. we ran out of American Indians, and we had to turn on ourselves. then finally we had a nation calling on us to help defend them- and we never turned back. murdering people is in our nature. guns are just fun. nukes, now they ought to be outlawed. 3 nukes could take out 7 of the wealthiest counties in America (Washington,DC area). for defensive purposes, no country should be allowed to possess more than 3 nukes. that should be the law. 3 nukes allowed for defensive statement to the world: global law. turn back the nuclear insanity that that generation dumped on us. guns are just for fun. different joy.
hello. i am disabled. i worked a career as a truck driver. after my wreck, i am crippled for life. i can drive again now. it has been 4 years. i can wear a brace. if i take the medication, i can't legally drive. plus i have a reputation for totaling trucks, so whom will insure me? i was screwed by my former employer, and had no workman's comp. i had no medical insurance, so my credit still sucks. i can not buy my own truck. i get qualified for disability every year. it is not automatic. this $1100/month is nothing more than surviving during today's money devaluation. the way people are looking at this, i have to think there are millions of peoples gaming the system, and living like kings for it. i am always desperate to get out of it.
hello. i do not know how the production stream of money flows, but politics has no place in football. handguns are a better way to die than cancer.
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Obama: DWS is Here to Stay

rollzone Wrote: Dec 03, 2012 8:44 PM
hello. i thought DWS was another government agency- Department of Waiting Schultzes (Hogan's Heroes fan).
I am still stunned that a Democrat doing as lousy a job in the presidency as this token has done, managed to be reelected. I did my part in defeating Republicants (although I did not vote for Obama), and yet Republicants still do not understand why they lost, and want to go back to their old ways. crazy man.
hello. i like the prospect of establishment Rhinos getting pounded again at the polls. go for it.
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