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10 Things to Know for Thursday

rollzone Wrote: Feb 18, 2015 7:08 PM
hello. Greece decides to leave the EU, oil drops below $38/barrel, and an algorithm is used to reset American currency overnight. Welcome to "nobody goes to jail" 2015. Somebody is right now bending over to kiss their self goodbye.
hello. What was a great Big Mac is now two invisible meat composites in a bread sandwich. All their meat needs squishing between layers of napkins before eating.
hello. We know it's rigged. The polls are phony. The media is controlled. Wall Street dictates politics home and abroad, and the poor citizen paying the taxes to the corrupted system has no voice in their own government. Republicans are as much to blame as Democrats, and the change is coming. There will be a new world order, but not the one the elitists envisioned.
hello. To recap: "stay the course" Fascism 101, illegal immigrants are cheap labor, rammed down our throats a day before the befuddled Congress peoples go on an extended vacation, while in the background is not an incident of national interest, but a legalese decision regarding another slaughter of an unarmed man by an officer "fearing for his life", or in his own words God knows what; had he been knocked unconscious by a low level unarmed criminal teenager, whom he would never have tasered because he just doesn't like torturing people, when he can gun them down like a pig, with a shot to the head. Where are the Congress people representing this district, and what do they say about the National Guard standing down on day one? Do we have to take the guns away from our police? Are the illegal immigrants fading from our thoughts yet, or will the government need to lead more agent provocateurs strung out on their Afghan heroin into mayhem and civil murder until we go along with the PResident
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GOP Cowards

rollzone Wrote: Nov 23, 2014 10:38 AM
hello. I am not agreeing with bravery or cowardice. These representatives are unaffected. Their position is secure until the next election. It is time to run some of these teflon employees out on a rail. Watching them sit back and nod and frown, and behind their back take monies from lobbies and special interests, while the PResident rolls unopposed, has been unconstitutional: and they must be fired.
hello. red capitalism still consumes China, as they ponder the future in terms of their great grand children, while in America we can not be concerned beyond the next generation. corporations doing business have to surrender technology to the nation of China.The newer world order will be under the rule of communist China; within 60 years. it is stupid to think Chinese have no ambition beyond their border, while consumerism increases their global material needs. they will play along, until China consumes capitalism.
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Once-Peaceful Canada Turns Militaristic

rollzone Wrote: Oct 28, 2014 2:14 PM
hello. blowback is not a cause. The great sovereign North American Union, and all the bribery to join the US in its war against everyone, is the cause. The solution is peace. Peaceful bargaining to obtain resources. War is not an extension of politics. The military is not an arm of corporations. Negotiations need not be determined entirely by fiat money. Our world can be left a safer place. We are the masters of destruction. We destroy peace for profit. Choose peace.
hello. Hong Kong may have outgrown its parent. Turkey is a world of diplomacy not visited by our Secretary of Ketchup. The refugee problem needs assistance, and the neighboring countries could coalesce to break the funding, and bring the support of insurgents to an immediate halt; but we have no statesman capable of being neutral over Syria. The bioterrorism has to stop! These viruses kill indiscriminately.
hello. We need to bring roundball to the floor of the U.N. . A little one-on-one action to decide policy may be an eye opener for lefty.
hello. Did either of these wealthy pigs eat the school lunch?
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