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hello. Hong Kong may have outgrown its parent. Turkey is a world of diplomacy not visited by our Secretary of Ketchup. The refugee problem needs assistance, and the neighboring countries could coalesce to break the funding, and bring the support of insurgents to an immediate halt; but we have no statesman capable of being neutral over Syria. The bioterrorism has to stop! These viruses kill indiscriminately.
hello. We need to bring roundball to the floor of the U.N. . A little one-on-one action to decide policy may be an eye opener for lefty.
hello. Did either of these wealthy pigs eat the school lunch?
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Clinton Promises World Without Profits

rollzone Wrote: Sep 25, 2014 8:14 AM
Hello. Share the suffering by opening their Hampton palace to the peons! Build terrorist organizations to get turf to sell illegal narcotics, then take away their military toys: you have seen the profits in that. Nonprofits can be lucrative.
Hello.we know the white buffoon is the Maryland military contractor insider chosen to replace Cheney, and he is now in Aspen to award military contracts to go kill the children called ISIL,ISIS, and perhaps the next trained insurgents we crank out. Only idiots fall for his public persona, as his wealth multiplies in the never-ending war on terrorism.
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Nixon's Vindication

rollzone Wrote: Sep 09, 2014 8:33 PM
hello. Nobody wants peace and civil liberties except Dr. Paul. He must be living in another dimension. We want big bombs, explosions we can watch on TV, and cool new weapons. I want to mount a laser weapon on my roof that can take out drones, and I will pilot my own drone to video it live, while I pick off commies climbing over my fence: that the dog is mauling. Really, what is wrong with that guy?
hello. I like his energy policy, except he could break up the oil monopolists. The sociopath running ISIS to drive up the oil prices can not be assassinated (his beloved King), but we can promote alternative energies around the world, and put the final nail in the coffin of fossil fuels as petrodollars. His hands are really tied domestically because government loves oil tax revenues, but the strategy of 'all of the above' is working. We can defeat these sociopath oil monopolists.
hello. These tribes are the worst ethnic cleansers. They enlist the unsophisticated simpletons of their own kind, to cull them from their race. The lugheads in our industry, are more sophisticated than, to: "tell me do thing", promise a reward, motivate- to kill a stranger. Smart people terming "caliphate", only to kill off the least of their race, is a sadder statement of the human race; than television making it into a reality show.
hello. Why is the American deception by the progressive collectivist government running our country so secretive, if they believe it is in America's best interest ? ...perhaps not ALL Americans will benefit by it and prosper, only the chosen few ?
hello. It is clear that to save inestimable innocent human lives, we must begin bombing multi-million dollar homes, and the elites will quickly tell us whom is responsible.
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