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The media loved the "maverick" McCain right up to the point where he actually ran against Obama, then they turned against McCain. The media always favors whoever is most liberal in any race.
I don't care what any of those groups think because both McConnell and Boehner have stated support for amnesty for illegal aliens, conservatives be damned. If they pass that, most likely using support of progressive Republicans and Democrats, all those pretty numbers you went to so much trouble to cut and paste don't mean a damn thing. There is nothing conservative about supporting amnesty.
"This kind of story is what leads to resentment and calls for punitive taxes on the rich. The rich need to wake up and start promoting good causes with their money rather than let it sit idly in empty mansions in Las Vegas." Yes, columns like this do cause the ignorant and ill informed to resent the rich. Stop writing them.
Larry Kudlow - Progressive sellout
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Why The Tea Party Won

Roll Tide Libertarian Wrote: May 12, 2014 11:04 AM
"Truth be told, neither the establishment nor the Tea Party will ever win a majority of elections again if we don't unite under the disasters of Obamacare, the 18 trillion dollars of debt, IRS targeting, the truth of Benghazi, etc." The establishment "progressive" GOP has backed away from fighting Obamacare, spends more than drunken sailors ever could, and pays lip service to the rest. If they pass amnesty, they will condemn the GOP to never hold the majority again. Progressive GOP doesn't want to unite, they only want power and money.
When will the GOP just get it over, this drift towards the left, and call themselves Democrats?
The only point of a political party is to further the beliefs of the party's supporters. When the party fails to do so or it switches the beliefs it supports, the party loses the support of the party members commonly known as the base. Prattle on about winning, cost or principle be damned, if the base stops supporting the party, the party is lost. I don't support the GOP because it is some grand game where the wins and loses are tallied and at the end of the season the champion is crowned, I support the GOP to advance my conservative / Libertarian principles. When the GOP stops advancing my principles, I stop supporting the GOP. Sadly, I see that day is soon to come. If you don't like the way I vote, I don't give a damn. I have no plan to change because you swing in the wind like a windsock, holding no principles, believing like all progressives, that winning is the only thing and that it doesn't matter how you win. Sometimes the journey is as important as the destination.
So McCain is a Democrat now? Wasn't he always?
Common Core - just one of MANY reasons jeb Bush should not be the GOP Presidential nominee. Common Core should be an albatross around his neck.
You would have a point except for the fact that that establishment and GOP Party leadership both fail to support (and actively work against) TEA Party members who win GOP primaries (i.e. Angle). Why is it you must support the GOP when the progressive GOP candidate when but it is just fine to back stab the TEA Party candidate when they win? Bottom line - If progressive GOP candidates like Jeb Bush win nomination, conservatives and TEA party will stay home or vote third party. I know I will. because Jeb Bush DOES NOT REPRESENT MY VIEWS. And those of you who say I should vote GOP regardless, too damn bad, I'm voting for the person who represents me.
Had to look twice to see if this was a fund raising pitch by the RNC. Then again I am no longer in their target demographic since I am not an illegal alien who is a member of the US Chamber of Commerce. So no vote for you!
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