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Policing a Riot

Roll Tide Libertarian Wrote: Aug 20, 2014 5:39 PM
If you go into a profession where, each day, you encounter citizens and based solely on the judgment you exercise in the situation, you may or may not end up shooting them, then you should expect to be second guessed and micro-managed. And if you treat citizens like subjects, you will be hated. Having said that, LEOs absolutely have the right to self-defense. Too bad LEOs, at least from comments from their community that I have seen, resist carrying personal DVRs. If the officer in Ferguson had one, one that the LEO could not tamper with, this issue would be over. Yet over and over again we see LEOs interfering with citizen lawfully recording them in public (please do not bring up the straw man argument of "would you like to be filmed at work"). As long as LEOs find it more important to support the "thin blue line" than "to protect and serve" they will be hated and feared.
Do you even read your own comment? How can Ransom be right " if Blacks and Jews are going to continue to be knee-jerk voters for progressive candidates then things will not change either here or in the Middle East" ? Republicans are weak on defending their actions on race. But where the fault lies is with those off sell their vote to one party, expect the world for it, receive nothing for it, and continue to vote in large percentages for the very same people who do nothing to help them. Until they wake up from that self imposed prison, no amount for talk or action from the Party of Lincoln - The Great Emancipator - will reach them.
Guess I missed the /SARC tag in the headline.
"Barack Obama and a great many Democrats win elections because they do lie; they sound conservative when they’re campaigning, then govern like the fascistic progressives they are." As opposed to Establishment Republicans who do THE EXACT SAME THING.
I find the title of this article misleading. When did either Clinton or Obama actually have principles that they might use when drawing up policy? Policy positions are not principles. If they had soon principles, then, maybe, they would have constructed some more cohesive foreign policies than what they have now. "What difference at this point does it make?"
Yea, I never understood it when McCain did it to all of his political enemies ether!
This has nothing to do with libertarianism. It has everything to do with flaws in our judicial system. Since a celebrity must prove actual malice (i.e. that Kyle actual knew what he was saying was false and he said it anyway), I find it hard to believe that Jesse "the Nobody" Ventura could overcome that standard. Must have been the same jury that sent O.J to look for the killer on golf courses.
He could probably drive by his unit's parking lot today, record what he sees and not have a problem showing that the Obama stickers are alive and well on multiple cars.
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Obama; Cruzin'

Roll Tide Libertarian Wrote: Aug 07, 2014 7:53 PM
And one Galen is a dozen too many. Just another "Progressive" Republican flack. Sen. Cruz represents the people who sent him there. And I would say that is different than most of the in in the House and Senate.
Illegal Alien, its the new black.
One "Aw S#!+" wipes out a thousand "Attaboys". So in McCain's case, how many "Attaboys" are wiped out a thousand "Aw S#!+s"?
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