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Does Gabby and her husband still have their gun collection? Are their bodyguards armed? A yes to either makes the Giffords big hypocrites. But that was true already.
The Establishment RINOs agree with the Democrats so, in a sense, they have taken control of the narrative. After the election in November, with much hand wringing and crying, Boehner will jam down the House's throat a Comprehensive Amnesty Bill, written for him by the US Chamber of Commerce. Harry Reid will move pass it without amendments and the President will sign it by Christmas. That is why you don't vote for RINOs.
Your statement about the general election would mean more if the GOP practiced it itself. Time and time again, when a non-Establishment candidate does win the primary, the main line GOP does little to nothing to support them in the general election. Where's the "He wasn't my pick but he won the primary" support for conservatives? This "you gotta support the candidate in the general election" talk only works one way, when an establishment guy wins. If conservatism is the base of the Republican Party and your candidates do nothing to inspire or support that base, why do you think that base will vote for the candidates. If conservatism is not the base, you don't need their votes. It's one or the other. either way, conservatives are under no obligation to vote for a candidate they don't agree with. And no about of name calling (another good way to alienate the base and keep them from voting) will change that. Did you ever stop and think the problem isn't the conservative base, but those who DEMAND their vote?
"The priority HAS to be regaining the Senate majority." Did anybody mention that to McCain. His priority seems to be his friendship with Udall (D). Cory Gardner (R) could probably use his help, but hey, McCain sets his priorities differently. I guess that priority only applies to us peons, not important RINOs.
If you have to scare people into voting for your candidate, then your candidate is doing it wrong. McCain won't campaign for Cory Gardner in Colorado because Udall is his good friend. If winning the Senate is so damn important, his friendship shouldn't be an issue. Obviously McCain chooses his friendship over party loyalty. I choose sticking to my principles versus voting for those who either have none or are in opposition to them. If you don't like it, go tell McCain his example cost the party votes.
Big talk coming from a Heretic.
"Ideologically Obedient and Humanity Absent" Had to reread the title, thought it was about Establishment RINO's demanding conservatives voting for RINOs, again, without addressing any of the issues important to conservatives. My bad. Carry on.
Reading comprehension must not be your strong suit. It is the candidates JOB to inspire the base to come out and vote, not the other way around. I vote for those closest to my principles. I certainly don't vote for those diametrically opposed to them. RinoCrats are in opposition to my principles and no amount of foot stomping will change that. After all, if McCain doesn't have to support Republican candidates, why should the rest of us. (If you don't know, McCain won't campaign for Gardner against Udall, who is his good friend. In McCain's world friendship trumps party. I guess Party uber alles only applies to us plebes).
"illegal immigrant amnesty" - The more RinoCrats that get elected, the more likely it will come to pass that amnesty will pass. Boehner and McConnel will pass it or will help to pass it, regardless of the makeup of the House and Senate.
McCain won't campaign against Udall because they are friends. If his friendship is more important than control of the Senate, why should the conservative base care whether RINOs get elected. RINOs like McCain stick with their Democrat friends in the Senate, not their conservative constituents. http://www.azcentral.com/story/news/arizona/politics/2014/09/20/mccain-campaign-mo-udalls-son-colo/15982017/
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