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As usual, McCain is only interested in helping Democrats.
Five of them were traffic related. One was a heart attack that happened to occur while he was at work. Not to minimize the loss of LEOs, but anyone of us could be killed in a traffic accident while changing a tire, etc or have a heart attack while at work. And counting traffic related or health related deaths is a way to inflate the number of deaths. LEOs justify many of their actions, some of which violate an individual's Constitutional Rights, by saying their are just taking steps to stay safe. Statistically, they are pretty safe. Too bad they aren't as concerned about upholding the law and supporting the Constitution.
Who the hell are you to tell the rest of us when we can vote our conscience? If Jeb is the nominee, I will be voting third party. Just having an (R) after your name doesn't mean small government. Jeb will grow the government as much as Hillary. Honestly, I think I would rather have divided government than all (D)s or all (R)s running it. None of them ever, EVER, shrink the size of government.
Boehner has a plan to rid us of Obama. It's called "Waiting until someone else is elected President".
When you vote RINO you get Democrat.
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Why Amnesties Fail

Roll Tide Libertarian Wrote: Dec 03, 2014 5:28 PM
Red State loves to kick people off for not following the "Establishment" gospel. And now it looks like Boehner McConnell aren't going to fight amnesty, as predicted. A RINOs only purpose is to get elected, not actually to legislate the way WE want them to. Say NO to RINO.
Sounds like racial profiling, or at last that is what the media will call it.
Every police officer should be DEMANDING body cameras. Any LEO that doesn't want one is setting himself up to be a victim or is hiding their illegal activity. Every LEO should look at Officer Wilson's experience and ponder it. Then go out and DEMAND body cameras.
I'm surprised Obama didn't whip out his pen, dash off an Executive Order, and indict Office Wilson himself.
If someone calls you a racist, they lose all civil consideration. Calling someone a racist for no other reason than they are conservative indicates they cannot be reasoned with and are not civil. Its time for the gloves to come off. Liberals never put theirs on.
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