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"Here’s a little secret about members of Congress: they are people just like us and they like to go on vacation just like us." Most Americans don't have five weeks of vacation and most Americans don't get paid to act as the representatives of others. If events that occur in real time interfere with their five week vacation and that bothers them, maybe they should no longer represent us.
Basic rule of thumb: Don't believe the words coming out of McCain's mouth.
Establishment Republicans are only against voter fraud when Democrats commit it. When they are running in a primary, Establishment Republicans act like Democrats, including voter fraud.
It's hard for Establishment, Progressive Republicans to have a battle plan to fight Democrats since they are the lite version of the Democrat party. Any argument they have is a fight against themselves.
If you are susceptible to blackmail, and act from the fear of it, it is your fault.
Seems that Establishment Republicans only care about voter fraud when Democrats do it. Isn't that what we complain about the Democrats, that they only care about crimes when Republicans do it. If its a crime when the other side does it, its a crime when our side does it and it should make you just as mad. If it doesn't, it says something about you.
Priebus, you should be saying this to the Progressive Republicans (aka RINOs) in our midst. You know the ones that say "circle the wagons" and vote Republican, except if the the Republican is a TEA Party type or a conservative. You should be saying his to Boehner who bends over to support Obama on issues like amnesty (despite the base's opposition to it) and all he gets for his efforts are tears. Republicans record of failure is that when they take the reigns of power, they flush it away by becoming Democrats (or they always were and just come out of hiding).
Another Pro amnesty column. I so wish own Townhall had a way to vote these columns out of existence.
"Most of these retirees simply put in their time for the city, and don’t (necessarily) share responsibility for driving the general fund into an accountant’s debt ridden nightmare." Every time they pulled the lever for the guy who promised to increase their pay and pension, they took responsibility for the nightmare. Their chickens have come home to roost.
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The Stolen Job Myth

Roll Tide Libertarian Wrote: Jul 02, 2014 7:12 PM
Hey Jeff, there is a difference between those jump thru all the hoops to immigrate and those who jump the fence. Jeff, if you feel it is just fine for millions to flagrantly break our laws, then why should any citizen obey any law. After all you can't arrest us all.
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