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Yea, calling people who disagree with you idiots is ALWAYS the key to changing their minds. /sarc Electing RINOs is no different than electing Democrats. RINOs vote with Democrats when it counts, for the Democrats. If you disagree, fine. But I plan on not voting for RINOs. I am voting for my principles, something most RINOs have long since abandoned. And if name calling is the only way you have of arguing, how are you any different than a Democrat?
Read My Lips - No more Bushes!
"Their tactic is humans’ greatest motivating force—fear." So was this column.
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From Bias to Bigotry

Roll Tide Libertarian Wrote: Oct 25, 2014 5:55 AM
Why should ANY newspaper worry about its liberal bias? Conservatives continually prop up RINOs with their votes, showing they will put up with those who don't support their views in a deluded belief that RINOs are their allies. Conservatives need to use the power of the vote to send both liberals and RINOs the message that conservatives will only support those who support conservative values. Stop voting for RINOs.
John McCain - more willing to commit ground troops to Syria and Libya that anyone else and, at the same time, cut pay and benefits to those he would send in harm's way. Sound's more like reason not to win the Senate.
As opposed to the RINO establishment types who are best buds with the Democrats and work across the aisle with them when it hurts conservatives the most (you know who you are McCain). I am a libertarian. I believe in individual freedom and that each individual should be fiscally responsible for themselves. The smallest, most fiscally conservative government possible that fulfills its Constitutional obligations is the only way to for individuals to be free. Those that say conservatism and libertarianism are mutually exclusive either do not understand one or the other or are deliberately lying about one or the other. As for anyone who keeps posting that we must vote for (R)s regardless of their position on issues, that stance is definitely not favorable for conservatives because it is the status quo, it is the Establishment (R)INO position and it only benefits the (R)INO. It does not ever give the (R)INO or the GOP as a whole any reason to embrace the conservative principles of the base. It keeps the like of Rove and McCain in power. It keeps those who believe that principles are optional in power and will ultimately pass Amnesty as a (R)INO bill.
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Get Out and Vote

Roll Tide Libertarian Wrote: Oct 09, 2014 9:14 PM
If a candidate does not agree with you on issues that matter to you, it does not matter if that candidate agrees with you on who to name Post offices after. If you oppose Amnesty 100% and the (R)INO candidate is for Amnesty 100% then that (R)INO is effectively a (D)emocrat and has given you no reason (0% of a reason, if you will) to vote for them.The policies the candidates support matter, always. If the candidate supports your policies, vote for 'em. If they don't, don't reward them with your support because they NEVER support conservative positions when it counts. It's not a matter of how often a candidate supports conservative values, its supporting them when it counts. Its voting against cloture vs voting for cloture then voting against a bill you know will pass. Its supporting your own party's efforts vs supporting your good friend in THE DEMOCRAT PARTY (you know who you are McCain). And for those who don't agree with this, too damn bad. The years and decades of screwing conservatives have come home to roost.
By all means let us continue to elect establishment RINOcrats to the House and Senate. That way McCain can continue to hang out with his good friend Udall (D) and stay the Maverick course by crossing the aisle and voting with the Democrats at the exact moment when we need him and other RINOs to vote with the GOP, i.e. the fight against amnesty. Taking the Senate doesn't do a damn bit of good if the major piece of legislation passed is Amnesty, which McCain will push. So screw Rove and every other establish RINOcrat. Vote for the guy who has your principles and your back. Whoever that is.
Udall is such a close friend to McCain (RINO), that John McCain will not campaign for Cory Gardner. I guess RINOs don't really believe that winning the Senate is important, only their friendship with Democrats. Come to think of it it, since most RINOs spend most of their time sucking up to Democrats, how is this any different. So voting for RINOs helps us how?
Choir Boys who keep singing backup for Democrat policies (i.e. Amnesty)
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