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Civilized Sport

Roll Tide Libertarian Wrote: Sep 13, 2014 8:29 AM
Civilize the sport by stopping the government subsidy it receives in the communities it resides in. Every NFL team gets cut a break or receives a free stadium that is paid for by tax payer, most of whom receive no benefit from the stadium. The owner reaps the reward of the team, but, now, with almost no risk. Start putting risk by in the owner's lives. Maybe then the owner will look at evaluating risk/reward when hiring various player etc.
"underpaid workers to get a second job to pay the rent" Who says they are underpaid, you or the employer? Usually it is value paid for value received. When you shop at WalMart, do you hand the clerk an extra $20 out of the goodness of YOUR heart, or do you scoop up the goods made in China you just purchased and head on home? Why should WalMart reduce their already thin profit margin so YOU can feel better about pontificating on the plight of the American worker. No one is FORCED to work at WalMart, yet each and every time a new one opens up, people line up to work there. People willing CHOOSE to work there, often for decades because it benefits them and WalMart pays them a wage that is accepted by the employee. Unionization does not guarantee that wages will go up or that productivity will go up or that employment will go up. The only thing it guarantees is that someone will be paying dues. If someone wants a better job, get some education.
Vote with your feet and get the hell out of there.
Too bad Republicans, on the whole, haven't done a damn thing to deserve taking the Senate other than not being Democrats.
The number one thing that won't get you the job: a resume that doesn't even vaguely resemble the job you are applying for. I've round filed so many resumes because the applicant doesn't bother to have ANY skills on their resume listed in the job posting it is unreal. And these aren't for McJobs. And on the few I do call, I want to ask them, who wrote your resume, your nine year old? Almost every resume has spelling errors. Run spell check at least. Your resume is your first impression in some cases. Write a good one.
Or because those who start them never have to fight them.
If Romney couldn't run a campaign that could convince enough voters to vote for him, he has noone to blame but himself. Having an (R) after your name isn't an automatic demand on my vote or anyone else's. How hard is that to understand. Obama was able to convince enough entitlement folk to come out and vote for him. It is not enough to say you are not Obama. Voters are entitled to vote for the candidate they want, not the one you want. If that upsets you, too bad, get over it. Next time field a candidate that will bring out the base instead of one that will cause them to sit at home or look elsewhere. It is up to the CANDIDATE to run the race not the voters.
Please no. He had his chance. He lost. Time for him and Ryan to put away their dreams of the Presidency. P.S. Same goes for McCain
Establishment Republicans long ago abandoned the Obamacare issue.
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Policing a Riot

Roll Tide Libertarian Wrote: Aug 20, 2014 5:39 PM
If you go into a profession where, each day, you encounter citizens and based solely on the judgment you exercise in the situation, you may or may not end up shooting them, then you should expect to be second guessed and micro-managed. And if you treat citizens like subjects, you will be hated. Having said that, LEOs absolutely have the right to self-defense. Too bad LEOs, at least from comments from their community that I have seen, resist carrying personal DVRs. If the officer in Ferguson had one, one that the LEO could not tamper with, this issue would be over. Yet over and over again we see LEOs interfering with citizen lawfully recording them in public (please do not bring up the straw man argument of "would you like to be filmed at work"). As long as LEOs find it more important to support the "thin blue line" than "to protect and serve" they will be hated and feared.
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