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Roll Tide Libertarian And I would not vote for any Dem or Dem Proxy (aka RINO). I'll just stop voting. I'm not rewarding RINOs for diluting my vote with those who should not be given access to the ballot box. If that causes them to lose elections, they need to get a mirror and look in it to find the person to blame.
If RINO-Establishment Republicans get what they want and illegal aliens are given status in this country, it will signal the end of the GOP. Our lack voting laws enforcement coupled with the ease of "registering" to vote will see a wave of Democrats elected across the board. I'll stop voting GOP. No one likes to see their vote diluted by those who have no right to vote. And those who paved the way to dilute my vote don't deserve my vote.
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Republicans Unanchored

Roll Tide Libertarian Wrote: Jan 23, 2015 10:44 AM
Redstate.com's Erickson talks conservative but his website is a life support system for RINOs. Speak against the RINO establishment of Boehner / McConnell that Erickson supports and you be banned from Red State. This column is a smoke screen to blind conservatives.
So this white guy is Obama's boss? He looks nothing like Soros.
"The days of holding one’s nose and voting for the Republican candidate as the “lesser of two evils.” are over." Yes they are.
Freedom of speech, by its very nature, will offend someone. I guarantee you King George III was offended by the Declaration of Independence.
Is he the Pope of Catholics or Muslims, it's getting hard to tell. BTW, the Pope's mom wears Army boots. Feel free to stop by any time with that punch. But don't be surprised if i defend myself.
So basically the Pope says its ok to strike those who say something that offends. What happened to turn the other cheek?
Yea, because every time RINOs get elected, they act like Democrats. Always the lesser of two evils argument. That ignores your are still electing evil. Case Study - If Jeb gets the nomination, we still get amnesty, plus Republicans get the blame. A Win/Win for Democrats. And chances are the House and Senate will flip back to Democrats at the next mid term. So electing Jeb is ALL down side for conservatives.
I'm not looking for the ideologically "pure" conservative. What I am looking for is the Republican that doesn't support Democrat ideas like amnesty.
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