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E-mail this to him with the bill following in the mailbox.
I have always carried ANYWHERE I want. Always will.
We used to say in the 70's.......BURN !
The regimes publicity people only failed to get the love they wanted for the law. Otherwise, the plan is working perfectly for them...not one person really ever has to pay a premium. The cracks are all there and open to the seasoned moocher.
Progressive theory and Liberal utopianism are the gateways to Marxist indoctrination. They ALL realize at some point that it is insanity, but some just "stay the course" for whatever reason.
Complicity is the word for it, AND the explanation.
And within a few months the "default" numbers will be in. Let's see how many pay for their "entitled coverage".
Geez, now I need a drink
....they are on Obamacare and are looking for a doctor ?
What ? The student golfer couldn't find an excuse, or someone to blame it on ?
Well put. They've run as far away from responsibility as they could. All of them are horrified at the thought that they may not have a "garanteed" income. That is why they despise capitalism and business owners who have built and strived to make their own way. An "individual" to them is a dangerous person.
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