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Getting Real Why Cuccinelli Was Defeated

rogermcall Wrote: Nov 08, 2013 8:08 PM
Great article, Star, but I have to disagree with one of its points: "Once a real conservative candidate gets nominated, the party loses interest." I believe that is too benign a characterization of the Republican Establishment. They turn their backs on conservative candidates because they feel threatened by them. I was amused to watch an interview with a disingenuous Karl Rove a couple of nights before the election, in which he corrected the host's misreading of the (then current) McAuliffe-Cuccinelli poll projections by pointing out that Cuccinelli had gained much ground in recent days. I say "amused" (sarcastically) and "disingenuous" (pointedly) because I know that Karl Rove and his PAC are dedicated to the destruction of the Tea Party; therefore, he was certainly not rooting for a TP candidate like Cuccinelli. If anything, he was probably bemused that Ken had come so far IN SPITE OF his own party's attempt to sabotage his campaign by underfunding it. This internecine squabbling is driving many away from the Republican Party and into the ranks of the Independents, and even fueling the demand for a third major party. Instead of uniting around a common cause-- i.e., the battle against progressivism-- Rove and the Old Guard dinosaurs he chooses to fund are more devoted to the perpetuation of their self-interests. In 2012 I wasted untold amounts of money supporting the Romney candidacy, primarily because I believed it was important to defeat Obama at all costs. Much of that money was funneled through Karl Rove's group, the RNC, and affiliated fund-raising groups for Senatorial and gubernatorial candidates. Well, that was then.
Anna167 Wrote: Nov 09, 2013 1:10 AM
" the battle against progressivism" is that a joke? The GOP establishment/globalist/Rockefeller Republicans are liberals. the oligarchs own both parties and call the shots in our country. Karl Rove, W, Cheney, etc are globalists. Money goes to the ones willing to play along, and there's plenty willing to sell out our country for a mess of pottage.