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Lanny Davis is, was, and always has been a shameless flack for the Democrat Party in general and the Clintons in particular. His "advice" is as valuable as a raft in a hurricane-- and half as trustworthy.
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Has Citizenship Jumped The Shark?

rogermcall Wrote: Jul 20, 2014 4:00 PM
Sounds as though you are speaking from personal experience. Is there anything else about the logistics of illegal entry that you care to share with us?
This useless old cuntessa doesn't recognize politicization even when it stares back at her from the mirror-- at least, the part that doesn't crack. Her daughter did a documentary expose of conditions on the border and it was only then that Saint Nancy went into her act, deigning to mingle with the "poor children" whom she famously claimed she wanted to "take home" with her-- but studiously avoided doing so. This Grande Dame of Mansions and Vineyards talks a great game but stays firmly on the sidelines.
Sounds like "Vun, Liz, vun... Ve need Pvesident Vahvven." Couldn't they have found a singer without a speech defect?
Sure it's easy when you have millions of dollars to spend on vote-buying. All she has to do is show up, while hubby doles out the cash and favors.
Thanks for your input ..."Doctor" (?) As always, it's completely worthless..
Big joke? So where's the punch line?
Hmmm. "Fat RINO." Sounds as though you've bought the liberals' MO of substituting puerile ad hominem attacks on appearance for thoughtful criticism of substantive matters.You have been taught by masters.
When Ransom wrote "liberals use humor better than conservatives do," it's obvious he did not have you in mind..
Hey, you might even get a chance to join Cheney in that tank. Wouldn't that be even more fun?
Someone somewhere floated the absurd rumor that Yglesias is a graduate of Harvard. I'm not kidding. Someone actually made that preposterous claim. I'd say it was Yglesias himself, but that would mean he could actually spell "Harvard."
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