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Mary Landrieu And Her House Of Cards

rogermcall Wrote: 23 hours ago (10:42 AM)
"Nonetheless, her questionable residency will be damaging for Landrieu with voters." Don't bet on it. Her brain-dead constituents will continue to vote for her even as she shafts them. Why else would she still be in a "close" race?
The Clintons and their -istas have perfected the dark art of making sleaze, prevarication, and outright skullduggery both palatable and laudable in the eyes of a dopey American electorate.
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Obama Spurns the 'Optics' Police

rogermcall Wrote: Aug 27, 2014 8:43 AM
" He has no desire to work at the job of being President.." In fact, given what is known of his life so far, one wonders if he has a desire to work at ANY job.
Reid said, "Sometimes I say the wrong thing." What he really meant was, "Sometimes I say the wong thing."
That is precisely how it works, and is the critical element of the media's disinformation/obfuscation machinery. Fail to report a story until it becomes "old news" (and therefore irrelevant) or until some other issue can be magnified or manufactured in order to shift the public's attention away from it. Our American Pravda has been taught by masters.
Or maybe he didn't have the hots for Foley.
Perhaps you're right, but I suspect the Brits are more cautious than we are, and less willing to rush to judgment before all the facts are in.
An amusing study in contrasts: I am writing from the UK where I heard a commentator on a London talk radio program harangue David Cameron for not having the multitasking capabilities of Barack Obama! According to that presenter, our beloved Obama is so adept at governing while on vacation that he is not required to return to DC in order to do his job, whereas poor old Cameron is not so proficient. (And she was not joking when she said this!) Assessment of leadership qualities is definitely in the eye of the beholder, so perhaps a week or so spent on our side of the Atlantic might enlighten that British commentator.
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Obama's summer vacation by the numbers

rogermcall Wrote: Aug 24, 2014 1:34 PM
Wanna laugh? I am in London at the moment, and a commentator on one of the talk radio stations here lauded Obama for showing PM David Cameron how to multitask while remaining on vacation! Leadership acumen (or the lack thereof) is definitely in the eye of the beholder.
Big deal! The same 60% would undoubtedly vote for him again if they could.
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