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Given the fact that most Americans on the right appear to be happy with the degree and not the direction, bring it on! The purity shtick is getting old and has already given us an additional four years of Obomination.
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This Just In: Tesco is Sexist

rogermcall Wrote: Nov 26, 2014 8:09 PM
Here is yet another example of chunts pandering to the lowest common denominator and trying to force the rest of to follow them over the abyss. The folks at Tesco should have told Mzzzzz Cole to go fluck herself.
I read where George Zimmerman's parents are suing that worthless pig Rosanne Barr for tweeting their address to all and sundry. Similarly, Spike Lee was sued for tweeting the address he MISTAKENLY believed was that of Zimmerman or that of his parents. Bosman and Robertson should suffer the same fate for their irresponsible (and possibly intentional) effort to endanger the lives of the Wilsons.
Similar bias was evident in the group of "reporters" who gathered to hear the Grand Jury's findings from Prosecutor McCulloch. It was obvious from their questions that they had already reached their own decision and had found Officer Wilson guilty. One schmuck shouted out, as Mr. McCulloch was departing the room, "Will you be able to sleep tonight, sir?" Such is the quality of "journalism" in the USA today.
Money and muscle, perhaps? Certainly not class.
Money and muscle, perhaps? Certainly not class.
This shameless broad never passes up an opportunity to pander to a particular group if to do so would redound to her benefit. She summoned her best eye-rolling "black attitude" schtick when referencing the "plantation days" while addressing a group (NAACP?) back in '08. Before that, when she was finagling her way into the New York Senate seat, she barged into a (normally Republican-voting) Hasidic Jewish community in the suburbs of New York City and promised all sorts of blandishments in an effort to extort their votes. In each case, the fools were too blind to recognize in what low esteem she held them, just as the insult implicit in her "If he's Hispanic he must be illegal" meme will doubtless soar right over the heads of that prospective voting block.
Sorry-- I meant to hit "Reply" but hit "Flag as Offensive" by mistake. (There should be a way to "UNflag" on this site.) Anyway, I just wanted to add to what you wrote: The best wake-up call to the Knee-Jerk-Loot-and-Riot idiots would be for every white policeman in Ferguson to walk off the job, thereby leaving the black community to its own "resources." We'd soon see how much "peace" and "justice" would follow that.
Or until there are no more plasma TVs or iPhones left to steal.
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