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The putz holding the "All My Heroes Kill Cops" banner is a real profile in courage, isn't she? It takes guts to flash an inflammatory banner with your face covered up and your identity protected. On second thought, maybe covering her face wasn't such a bad idea, especially if her looks match the ugliness of her credo. What a slag!
No doubt the suck-up who shouted "Good point" was some underling Waxman brought along carry her purse. CNN appeals to dimwits who buy Waxman's form of "journalism" and applaud the sycophants who give her an on-air shout-out.
Yeah, right Mr. "Attorney General " And you can speak from your single experience of having been profiled when you were speeding on the Turnpike, can't you? Lots of trauma there, right? And racism certainly has kept you from building a resume, hasn't it? Keep talking. You're bound to stumble on something that will lend creditability to your career.
Maybe because it would be irrelevant in an article about the Clintons? But, hey, don't let relevance interfere with your trolling.
Same here. As a 6'1" black man, I should have taken umbrage years ago when a parade of short white people asked me to get something from the upper shelf for them. And all this time I thought it was simply because I was taller than they were. What a fool am I!
Also, it's equally amazing that these "horrific memories" come to the fore when they are most needed. In Oprah's case, they helped her flack her latest movie venture. In Michelle's case, the recollections come just in time to prop up Barry's tarnished image. Both broads know how to exploit a serious situation when there's a profit to be derived from doing so-- and when there's a gullible public just waiting to be "outraged."
White House Advisor: OK, Barry-- and you too, MIchelle-- listen up. We've got this racist America scam going for us, so let's play into it. Jump on it with both feet, whenever you get the chance. Michelle: Well, we've got this People Magazine gig coming up. Let's milk that one. Barry: Remember what Rahm said about not letting a crisis go to waste? And he told me once that a crisis can be created if you ever need one. With that idiot Sharpton running interference for us, we can flog this racism horse all the way through to 2017, and the stupid public will be none the wiser.
Right. And as a manager you walked around with a shopping cart, not to mention a Secret Service agent with Bluetooth-in-ear dancing attendance nearby? On the most practical of levels, Mooch's story does not pass the smell test.
Great idea! Let's begin by deporting the assholes who signed the petition.
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