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If we thought we were getting little information before, wait until we start getting "facts" from Liability Rice. Our best protection will be to ignore everything that hack says
And we can always count on people like you to say things like that at critical times like these. If demoralizing the base is your game, you're a real winner.
Let's face it, if you pointed to a storm cloud and said "Look at that black cloud," some knee-jerk nitwit somewhere would accuse you of racism. Black is the only color that can no longer be identified as such.
First of all: "Cylvia"? With a "C"? Only in progressive America. And only in progressive Oregon could someone who is not even married to him become the governor's "First Lady." Progressivism, thy name is Absurdity!
You have hit on one of my pet topics: the subversion of the American educational system by insidious progressivism. I was a teacher in an urban high school in the late 1960s, when the system was co-opted by leftist jerks and their anti-establishment vacuity. ("if it's Relevant, study it. Otherwise, ignore it." "What difference does it make HOW I say it so long as you know what I MEAN?") The result was a generation of near-illiterates (just read the average blog to see what I mean) and a complete disregard for anything which happened before the advent of Starbuck's. A recent example of what I mean is the numbskull who, although in attendance at an anti-Columbus Day rally, was unable to explain just who Columbus was. ("He discovered ... um... something.") It comes as no surprise to me to read your suggestion that the death of critical thinking and empirical fact-finding came at the same time the regressive "progressives" corrupted our society. They have slithered into academia, the media, and the entertainment industry to an extent which Saul Alinsky himself would have envied.
It pays better than his former job: "working" those street corners.
Brian Birdnow astutely points to Obama's "RUMORED deep intellect," since the only witnesses to it appear to be the genuflecting Valerie Jarrett and media hacks like Dana Milquetoast. The irony here is that Milquetoast implies that he recognizes Obama's genius because they come from the same rarefied gene pool. MENSA wannabes sure have a tough life, don't they?
I had an impression similar to this as I watched Davis's news conference with that array of gargoyles standing behind her, numbly holding up signs with all the animation of a slug on a lettuce leaf. Wendy Davis is a pretty woman who is both immoral and unethical.
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