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Israel does not need the U.S. She has God on her side, and if God is for her, who can stand against her?
Mr. Reid is an arrogant fool that should have been impeached years ago along with the love of his life, Pelosi and the Caracter that lives illegally in the Whitehouse.
I think she is correct. I would not want to be in a fox hole with an attractive female. The natural tendency is to protect the female even if it cost you your life. There are those on the left that want males and females to be equal. If God wanted us equal, there would have only been one sex. Men are not better, only different. The military used to incorporate good morals in the attitudes of their men. It is different now, but not better.
Sandra Fluke, it is not women you are concerned about, it has more to do with wantng to kill babies still in the womb. Republicans are not against women, Republican men love women. We are against immoral living, killing babies, destroying business, and destroying the United States. Wake up America, the end is near.
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Is Our President a Bit of a Jerk?

Roger424 Wrote: Sep 04, 2012 8:07 AM
Mr Obama is not the President of the U.S. because he is not legal under the Constitution and what the writers had in mind. He is NOT a natural born citizen as his father is not a citizen of the U.S. He was truthful when he proclaimed you could tell what he was by those he surrounded himself with, Socialist and Communist who hate America. His administration has declared war on Veterans by labeling them potential Terriorst and he wants to turn the U.S. over to the United Nations. Anyone that votes to reelect him is either ignorant or hates America. Beware,, we are about to lose our Nation.
There are three people that America needs to remove from office, Harry Reid, Nancy Polosi, and Mr Obama.. We are losing our rights at an extremly fast rate that last four years. Let us take America back!
I was in a Chick-fil-a yesterday with every seat taken and about ten automobiles in the drive-thru. I think Mr Cathy is correct. Chicago, Boston, New York, California need to fire their leaders in the next election. I hope the voters fire the president in the next election because of his stand on homosexuality, abortion, taxes, immorality in the military, back door gun control thru the U.N., stopping the national day of prayer but replacing it with ramadam, ect.
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